Gorilla Edge AI

With Gorilla Edge AI, your IoT devices such as cameras, sensors, and more become smarter, faster, and more responsive and secure, unleashing a new era of innovative, real-time, and actionable insights and capabilities.

The Business Case For Gorilla Edge AI

Implementing Video Analytics is Easier than You Think The global surveillance analytics market is booming – expected to reach $15 billion by 2026. This growth is partly driven by the emergence of edge artificial intelligence (AI) that can help make sense of large data sets from video applications. This new guide “Implementing Video Analytics is […]

Smart City – Airport Management Solutions

Deploying Edge AI to Keep Airports Running Smoothly International airports funnel tens of millions of passengers and freight every year and have a myriad of security, health and logistical issues to contend with. Gorilla Technology designed numerous video analytics solutions for Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan. Download this whitepaper to see how different edge AI products […]

Smart City – Traffic Violation Management

Combating Traffic Issues with Video Analytics Traffic violations are a common problem for most dense cities. Yet how can local governments manage infractions with minimal overhead and increased safety? Gorilla Technology piloted a project in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan to deal with such a problem. Download the whitepaper to see how this solution worked.

Smart City – Taiwan Centers For Disease Control (CDC)

Edge AI Mask Detection for Outbreak Prevention In Asia, surgical masks are often worn in public during illness or infection. Yet would large amounts of mask-wearers indicate a coming illness or virus? Gorilla Technology partnered with the CDC to perform mask detection on passengers at the Taoyuan International Airport. Download the whitepaper to see how […]

Ensuring Safe Spaces With Edge AI

Post-Pandemic Management Series In the wake of Covid-19 many countries and businesses are asking: how do we get back to work safely? Varied health recommendations depending where you are located can present numerous challenges in getting back to normal. Many edge AI technologies can aid in meeting health and safety guidelines while ensuring productivity and […]

Digital Transformation In A Covid-19 World

Post-Pandemic Management Series The Covid-19 crisis has laid bare the need for organizations to digitally transform their environments — remote work, touchless solutions, 5G infrastructure planning. Some people feel these solutions are out of reach during the pandemic, yet are they really? This whitepaper explores the main issues regarding digital transformation in today’s world and […]

AI Screen Station

AI Solution for Taipei Medical University Hospital With the pandemic still affecting our lives, what kind of solutions can be utilized to ensure the safety of medical workers? Gorilla partnered with Taipei Medical University Hospital to deploy a smart screen solution at its front entrances in order to streamline the safe entry & exit of […]

Smart Building Solutions

Gorilla’s Building Case Studies Up Close As a provider of different smart building projects worldwide, Gorilla has several edge AI solutions that demonstrate the various aspects of upgrading buildings large or small. This case study is a collection of our various building solutions and how they can tackle the tough jobs of building management. Smart […]

Smart Train Station

AI Solution for Fengyuan Transportation Hub With ridership on railways at an all-time high along with heightened security concerns, how can train stations be safer and more efficient? Gorilla partnered with the Taiwan Railway Bureau to deploy a comprehensive station solution to streamline riders, monitor dangerous behaviors and report incidents immediately. Using Gorilla’s video analytics […]