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Solve Crimes in a Fraction of the Time

Post Event is an AI-powered end-to-end video investigation solution that requires minimal operators to solve crime faster. The solution is widely used by law enforcement and security organizations worldwide, with adoption in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia. Compared to traditional investigations that do not use video analytics, Post Event solves crime up to 92% faster.
Post Event


Solve CCTV Investigations Up To 92% Faster

Analyze Footage Across Hundreds of Cameras

Reduce Manual Reviewing and Errors with AI

Requires Minimal Staff to Operate and Solve Cases

Find People Across Various Locations

Process any CCTV Video Format

Post Event

Core Capabilities

Post Event solves crimes ranging from homicides, assaults, and shootings globally. Our revolutionary AI reviews footage in record time to solve crimes, protect lives and assist in arrests, keeping your communities safe.


Convert Any Video Format

  • Automatically convert most video formats easily using our video importer.
  • Receive converted video files on a secure network.
  • Data is treated as confidential with data privacy and data retention policies.


AI-powered Video Search

  • Find persons of interest across multiple cameras in multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Search for vehicles, people, by body only, objects, and many more.
  • Find persons of interest via face detection and attribute search with uploaded images.
  • Detect people and movement across a geographical area.


Case Management System

  • Manage entire case workflow from importing footage to outputs for courts.
  • Assign levels of permission within teams and allocate responsibilities.
  • Work on multiple cases simultaneously and capture statistics.
  • Monitor fully traceable workflows.


Dynamic Maps

  • Easily select relevant cameras for viewing and video analysis across a map.
  • Apply filters based on specific case information, such as the suspect’s location and speed of travel, and much more.
  • Enable investigators to orientate themselves within an investigation.


Video Editing and Viewing Tools

  • Fast forward video, zoom in on interesting scenes, apply light and color filters for clearer images.
  • Add timeline markers, create stills and video clips, redact images as appropriate, and share information.
Post Event

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Post Event


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