Powerful AI that Detects and Blocks External Cyberattacks at the Edge

From malicious IP connections to DDoS or attacks, our AI-based detection engine—NetProbe—automatically detects and blocks without human intervention, reduces manual processes, errors, and alert fatigue, and enables your team to focus on key security actions.



Tailor-made Network Security with Behavior Analysis

Reduce Manual Processes and Focus on Key Security Actions

Instant Intervention with AI-based Threat Pattern Learning

Effectively Protects Intellectual Property and Customer Information

Shorten Response Times when Attacks Occur

Quickly Uncover the Root Cause of Security Problems

Restore Business Operations without Interruption


Core Capabilities

NetProbe can quickly detect and block malicious attacks and establish a first layer of defense on the front-end of the basic network to ensure the company’s existing services remain operational. It works by blocklisting IPs, which reduces the problem of false positives. The system can handle up to 4 million IP blocklists and supports regularly scheduled updates.


Detection Module

  • Detects malicious IPs connections using a powerful IP blocklist.
  • Compares blocklisted IPs which is faster and much more efficient in detecting cyberattacks and collects attack source IPs.
  • IP blocklist includes malicious host IPs, malicious domain IPs and specific country or encrypted server IPs.
  • Supports packet storage function to store intrusion packets.


Defense Module

  • Automatically detect and cut off malicious IP connections while deployed in inline mode.
  • Bypass functionality to achieve uninterrupted service if equipment fails.


Instant Alerts and Notifications

  • Receive automatic alert notifications for malicious attacks.
  • Management interface to notify the network administrator.
  • Alerts include time, source and destination IP, triggering rules, and more.


Centralized Platform with Statistical Displays

  • Central management platform to review deal attacks with threat levels.
  • Provides a simple UI for device management and statistical data displays.

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