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Unlock the potential of your building with Gorilla’s innovative Smart Building Solutions. Our AI-powered technology transforms existing structures into intelligent hubs, enhancing operational efficiency and fortifying security measures. Are you ready to revolutionize entry management, optimize elevator usage, and create intelligent, secure environments for your organization?
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A large hospital in Taipei, Taiwan requested Gorilla to provide Smart Building solutions to resolve issues such as having minimal resources to manage entry checks for temperature and face masks, causing long queues at entrances, and putting staff at risk of viral infections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Analytics

Deployed mounted systems to perform intelligent video analytics on visitors and staff, including facial recognition and temperature detection.

Real-time Alerts

Provided a door system that automatically locks when infected people attempt to enter the hospital and sends real-time alerts.

Access Control

Staff and patients’ entry and exit times were recorded and saved on a central database.

Reduction in Staff at Entrances
Deployed Facial Recognition and Thermal Detection
Protected Hospital staff from Infectious Diseases
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A leading multinational food and beverage company approached Gorilla to deploy a solution to assist in opening their offices with a hybrid working model that was post-pandemic compliant.

Video Analytics

Deployed facial recognition with temperature detection at the entrance and verified employees' and visitors' identities, health conditions, and permitted access.

Online Desk and Meeting System

Streamlined meeting booking with an online system, which granted power and desk usage to confirmed bookings.

System Intergrations

Access to the office required a QR-code authentication and facial registration, and all entry and exit data was digitally recorded.

Deployed an Online Meeting System
Reduction in manual processing time
Safer and Post-Pandemic Compliant Office
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The Museum in Taiwan approached Gorilla to revamp its outdated security systems, as it needed a smarter and more efficient monitoring solution to ensure the safety of all its 10,000 artifacts. Gorilla provided a smart building solution with a complete surveillance system to record and gather data from four major exhibition areas to manage incidents on a centralized platform.

Video Analytics

Gorilla consolidated all surveillance systems with a smart surveillance platform with AI-powered intelligence video analytics capabilities.

Intrusion and Loitering Detection

Gorilla provided intrusion and loitering detection to discover suspicious activities and alert staff instantly.

Capacity Analytics

Advanced people counting analytics gave insights into visitor traffic and capacity and provided actionable insights to ease overcrowding in exhibit halls, ensuring safety.

Deployed a 24/7 Smart Surveillance System
Enhanced Museum Safety and Security
Reduced Manual Surveillance with AI
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AI-Powered Technology

Video Analytics

Insightful & Proactive AI that Transforms Video Feeds

Gorilla’s AI provides actionable insights to manage and enhance safety, space management, elevator occupancy, and more on a single dashboard.

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