Edge Video Management System

The All-in-one AI-powered
Video Management System

Powered by Gorilla’s IVAR technology, the Edge Video Management System (EVMS) merges an AI-based video analytics event search management system with an innovative VMS to create a revolutionary reporting platform. EVMS enables organizations with advanced video surveillance management, intelligent video analytics, and a dashboard for reporting and real-time alerts, all powered by edge AI.



Cost Effective

Scalable for all organizations

Optimized Operations and Equipment

At-A-Glance Reporting

Highly Interoperable

Centralized Operations

Faster Response Times

Actionable Analytics and Reports

Fully Customizable


Core Capabilities

EVMS stores event and object attributes in a big data database to deliver comprehensive operational management with up-to-the-minute actionable insights.


Manage Monitoring Groups

  • Create and Categorize Monitoring Groups
  • Video Group Viewing
  • Group Monitoring in the Background while in Full Screen Mode


Geographical Event Alerting

  • View Camera Locations
  • Select Specific Cameras
  • Integrate Floorplans
  • View Video Feeds in Real-Time


Intuitive Statistical Dashboards

  • Customized Video Feed Layouts
  • Optimal Browsing and User-Experience
  • Statistical Graphs for Analytical Results


Search Analysis

  • Intelligent Dashboards for Monitoring and Management
  • People Flow Management
  • Real-time Pop-ups and Alerts for Events

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