Gorilla Edge AI

Become Intelligent at the Edge of Your Network
Gorilla Edge AI

Supercharging Your Devices with Autonomy & Intelligence

Gorilla Edge AI makes devices at the edge of your network smarter. It’s time to stop thinking of your edge devices as simply “tools,” but as intelligent assistants that make split-second decisions where events and actions happen.  

With Gorilla Edge AI, your IoT devices such as cameras, sensors, and more become smarter, faster, and more responsive and secure, unleashing a new era of innovative, real-time, and actionable insights and capabilities. 

Are you ready to join the future of smarter governance and profitability? 

Gorilla Edge AI

How it Works

Our Edge AI is More than Just Data Collection and Storage — It’s Smart 


Big Data Collection

AI collects big data from across all IoT devices in real-time. 


Big Data Analysis

AI instantaneously analyzes big data and extracts valuable patterns and insights


Actionable Insights

The processed data fuels immediate decision-making, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness 

Gorilla Edge AI

Industries with the Gorilla Edge

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