AI-Enabled Policing

iCCTV Protects the Public by Finding, identifying, and monitoring crime

iCCTV is an innovative AI solution that Gorilla specifically designed to revolutionize policing. It offers AI video analytics that improves surveillance operations in detecting and preventing crime and enables police forces to access, search, and gain actionable crime prevention insights from CCTV networks across metropolitan areas.


With our revolutionary iCCTV, analysts can enhance crime prevention strategies to effortlessly identify and find suspicious people, vehicles, and objects in real-time and provide life-saving information for responders through our command center.

Data-driven Policing with AI

Enhanced Community Safeguarding

Improved Emergency Preparedness with Faster Responses

Optimized Coordination and Responses Across Agencies

Analyze Footage Faster and in Real-time

Analyze Emergencies to Prevent Them

Provides Real-time Information to Frontline Dispatchers

AI Reduces Manual Reviewing and Errors

Requires Minimal Staff to Operate and Solve Cases

Find People Across Various Locations


Core Capabilities

iCCTV connects to live camera feeds to give immediate and actionable video intelligence for vastly improved outcomes.


Face Recognition

  • Locate, find, and track persons of interest and missing people.
  • Use existing cameras to receive automated watch lists.
  • Passer-by mode that enrolls unknown persons of interest ‘on the go’.
  • Compatible with partial face occlusions, facial hair, headdresses, glasses, lighting variations, and more.
  • Database with records of enrolled persons of interest with historical sightings.
  • Receive persons of interest alerts instantly.


Vehicle Analytics

  • Count vehicles by type, direction, and time of day.
  • Spot vehicles exceeding speed limits.
  • Identify vehicles stopping in forbidden areas or making dangerous lane changes.
  • Create comprehensive congestion and traffic maps.


People Analytics

  • Set up and receive perimeter alerts.
  • Alerts when people are running, loitering, or traveling in certain directions.
  • Count people by direction and time of day.
  • Monitor queues of people.
  • Heat maps for actionable insights into crowded areas.


Object Analytics

  • Receive alerts for suspicious objects such as abandoned baggage.
  • Find persons of interest that relate to objects across camera network in real-time.


Threat Analytics

  • Receive alerts for persons with weapons, such as guns or knives.
  • Use face recognition to identify weapon carriers from watch lists or similar databases.

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