Facial Recognition – Mobile One Time Password

Multi-factor Authentication System with Facial Recognition

FR-MOTP is a verification system that authenticates people in enterprises and organizations with facial recognition, a mobile app, one-time passwords, and a server. With its multi-layered approach to protecting users from identity theft and brute force attacks, this innovative security solution enhances your safety even if one layer fails.



Enhanced Security with Multi-layered Approach

User-friendly Facial Recognition Mobile App

Seamless Authentication and Enrollment Process

Guard Against Phishing with OTPs and Facial Recognition

Versatile Deployment with Integration Across Existing Systems

Easily Manage and Track Compliance with Any Industry Regulations


How it Works


Enter your PIN Code on the Mobile App


Perform Facial Recognition Using the App


Receive a One-time Password and Log In

Verification records are securely stored on the FR-MOTP server for auditing purposes.


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Discover why so many government agencies and enterprises chose FR-MOTP to authenticate their employees and further protect their operations.

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