Smart Policing 

Empower Possibilities with Smart Policing Solutions


Gorilla Technology’s Smart Policing Solutions, powered by AI, integrate a Criminal Intelligence Big Data Platform for comprehensive data analysis, a Criminal Intelligence Analysis Platform for faster investigations, and a Smart Patrol system for predictive, data-driven patrolling—enabling proactive, effective law enforcement across digital and physical environments.

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A law enforcement agency in Taiwan approached Gorilla to help them deploy an intelligent law enforcement system with an AI-powered, centralized platform to help manage enormous amounts of data related to suspect IDs, locations, criminal associations, and evidence. The data needed to be used to prevent fraud, money laundering, online gambling, and other crimes.

Criminal Investigation Big Data

Connected lawful interception data, communication data, forensics data, and other dynamic data

Criminal Investigation Analytics Platform

Provided GIS for time spatial visualization with real-time tracking and historical Data

Temporal/Spatial Correlation and Link Analysis

Provided correlation between criminal cases, persons of interest, and objects such as cell phones, vehicles, and more

Successful Collected and Analyzed Records
Deployed the Solution Across 19 Cities
Enhanced Law Enforcement Across 19 Cities
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Gorilla partnered with a Taiwanese transportation bureau to use advanced video to identify traffic violations, catch traffic infractions in real-time, reduce police resources and time, boost traffic law enforcement, and implement long-term changes in traffic management patterns.

Video Analytics

Gorilla deployed IVAs for vehicle violation detection and license plate recognition at intersections.

Real-time Monitoring

Police were able to monitor and identify traffic violations in real-time with AI.

Edge AI

Deployed edge AI solutions to monitor traffic and cost a fraction of a non-edge AI solution.

Increase in Traffic Law Enforcement
Reduction in Traffic Violations
Deployed Law Enforcement IVAs
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AI-Powered Technology

Video Analytics

Insightful & Proactive AI that Transforms Video Feeds

Gorilla’s AI provides actionable insights to manage and enhance safety, space management, elevator occupancy, and more on a single dashboard.

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