Host-based Malware Detection

Powerful AI for Superior Endpoint Protection That Fights Malware

Host-based Malware Detection (HMD) is a malware defense solution from Gorilla Security Convergence that leverages edge AI to offer innovative network protection. HMD is also an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution which is an integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities.



Real-time Threat Detection

Enhanced Anomaly Detection

Improved Software Vulnerability Identification

Rapid Response to Malware Threats

Reduced False Positives

Continuous Monitoring of Endpoint Health

Automatic Updates for Evolving Threats

Minimized Manual Intervention

Enhanced Protection Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Comprehensive Endpoint Security Solution


Core Capabilities

Utilizing an AI-powered malware detection engine, HMD constantly checks endpoint health, identifies unusual activity, and notifies you about software vulnerabilities, and prevents advanced persistent threats, traces their origins, and responds effectively to provide complete endpoint security.


Threat Detection

  • Utilizes AI-assisted machine learning to automatically detect suspicious programs and reports results.
  • Monitors if an unknown process is present in memory and determines if files have been damaged or compromised.
  • Finds and reports problems with endpoint hosts.


Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

  • Detects various known APT signatures to prevent endpoint intrusions.
  • Detects hidden, packed, corrupt, and fake files.
  • Detects fake and invalid digital signatures.


Weakness Detection

  • Analyzes the health status of each host and tracks high-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Finds weaknesses and vulnerabilities at the application level and reports the detection results.
  • Compliant with the Government Configuration Baseline (GCB).


Centralized Reporting Module

  • Centralizes the management of threats and resources, and deals with them according to specific priorities.
  • Utilizes Gorilla’s Security Convergence Platform monitoring module.
  • Categorizes various threats and tiers them with necessary responses.


Incident Response

  • Detects and reports threats to administrators.
  • Automatically responds with actions such as disconnecting networks, shutting down compromised endpoints or performs Yara scans.
  • Performs scans and sends reports to admins enabling them respond to security incidents effectively.


Automated Program Delivery

  • Enables large-scale deployment to be carried out through an Activity Directory.
  • Admins do not need to manually manage the dispatch list.
  • Reduces complexity and ensures every endpoint is followed rigorously.

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