Powerful AI that Detects and Prevents Attacks and Protects Internal Networks

NetTrap is a powerful AI solution that uses varied simulated trapping modules to detect the spread of attacks on internal networks. Operating as a front-end defense, NetTrap clamps down hard on all malicious activity before it can ever connect to a main network. Working with Gorilla’s Security Convergence Platform, NetTrap effortlessly block queries that connect to suspicious domains.


Powerful AI Protection for Internal Networks

Effectively Mimics Devices and Traps Threats

Provides Real-time Alerts to Teams

Automatic DNS (Domain Name System) Protection

Up-to-the-minute Threat Updates

Advanced Data Collection


Core Capabilities

NetTrap quickly detects and blocks malicious attacks and establishes a first layer of defense on the front-end of the basic network to ensure the company’s existing services remain operational. It works by blocklisting IPs, which reduces the problem of false positives. The system can handle up to 4 million IP blocklists and supports regularly scheduled updates.


Defense System

  • Simulates various network services and protocols to lure and trap malicious hosts.
  • Collects vital data such as malicious programs and malicious account login data.
  • Documents the relevant information of malicious attacks.


DNS Security Protection

  • Detects malicious and suspicious domain queries and cuts them off.
  • Protects users by using DoH/DoT for DNS queries.


Instant Alerts and Notifications

  • Real-time statistics such number of blocklisted IPs, received packets, and malicious IPs triggered.
  • Regular reports with high-level threats alerts sent via email.
  • Alerts can be exported for comprehensive investigations and analysis.
  • Includes a regularly updated threat intelligence feed.


SNMP Support and SIEM Integration

  • Utilizes Support Network Management Specifications (SNMP) to simplify deployment.
  • Provides a syslog interface for integration with existing SIEM for easier deployments and facilitates centralized queries.


Centralized Platform with Statistical Displays

  • Central management platform to review deal attacks with threat levels.
  • Provides a simple UI with resource and statistical data displays.

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