Smart Road 

AI for Safer and More Efficient Roads


Gorilla is revolutionizing traffic management by leveraging existing CCTV camera networks to collect real-time data and detect road violations. Our AI-based technology at the edge analyzes traffic patterns, monitors driver behavior, identifies potential violations, and optimizes traffic flow. 

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A Taiwanese Government agency wanted to maximize the mobility and safety of busy intersections. They needed a customized AI-based solution to reduce accidents and traffic violations.

Video Analytics

Vehicle violation detection and license plate recognition at intersections.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts for law enforcement and drivers regarding traffic.

Single Platform

A central management platform to record and review violations for law enforcement.

Significantly reduced Red Light Violations
Fewer Drivers Going Over Stop Lines
Reduced Illegal Intersection U-turns
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Gorilla partnered with a Transportation Bureau in Taiwan to use advanced video to identify traffic violations, catch traffic infractions almost in real-time, reduce police resources and time, boost traffic law enforcement, and implement long-term changes in traffic management patterns.

Video Analytics

Gorilla deployed IVAs for vehicle violation detection and license plate recognition at intersections.

Real-time Monitoring

Police were able to monitor and identify traffic violations in real-time with AI.

Edge AI

Deployed edge AI solutions to monitor traffic and cost a fraction of a non-edge AI solution.

Massive Increase in Traffic Law Enforcement
Huge Reduction in Traffic Violations
Deployed Law Enforcement IVAs
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AI-Powered Technology

Video Analytics

Insightful & Proactive AI that Transforms Video Feeds

Gorilla’s AI provides actionable insights to manage and enhance safety, space management, elevator occupancy, and more on a single dashboard.

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