Smart Railways 

AI for Safer and More Efficient Railways Management


Gorilla’s Edge AI is helping to revolutionize railway management with smarter passenger flow and decision-making in real-time with superior cybersecurity for external and internal threat detection, investigations, and prevention.
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The TRA—Taiwan’s national railway company, managing rail networks and operating over 300 train stations—needed an AI-powered solution to monitor suspicious activities, identify and locate travelers on lists and receive real-time crowd status updates.

Video Analytics

Provided Loitering, intrusion, abandoned baggage, and fire detection IVAs.

Crowd Management

Deployed people counting and crowd detection with watch lists for employees and persons of interest.

Real-time Alerts

Enabled staff to receive alerts for suspicious activities and to respond to overcrowding.

Enhanced Safety with AI-based Video Analytics
Reduced Crossing of Safety Lines on Train Platforms
Boosted Emergency Responses to Threats and Fires

AI-Powered Technology

Video Analytics

Insightful & Proactive AI that Transforms Video Feeds

Gorilla’s AI provides actionable insights to manage and enhance safety, space management, elevator occupancy, and more on a single dashboard.

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