Superior Security Convergence  Powered with AI

Security Convergence

Detect, Analyze, Respond, and Prevent Internal and External Threats with Gorilla's AI

Advanced AI-based Threat Detection

Intervenes Early When Unknown Threats Are Identified

Easily Process Incidents with AI Automation

Tailor-made Network Security with AI-based Behavior Analysis of Targeted Attack Activities

Reduces Labor Required to Protect Networks

Protect Intellectual Property, Customer Loyalty, Brand Reputation and Revenue

Reduces the Risk of Internal Confidentiality and Leaking Customer Information

Shortens Response Times when Attacks Occur

Uncovers Root Causes of Security Problems

Restores Business Operations without Interruption

Innovative Digital and Physical Asset Protection for Smarter Cities and Enterprises

Gorilla’s Security Convergence solution is an all-in-one solution that completely protects your network and digital assets from ever-evolving internal and external threats across digital and physical landscapes with innovative IT and OT security technology.
Security Convergence

Artificial Intelligence that Captures and Demolishes Security Threats


Intrusion Detection

  • AI-powered Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • DoS/DDoS Detection Powered by Machine Learning
  • Constantly Updated Online Threat Intelligence
  • Customized Alert Notifications
  • Visualized Interface for Reporting


Trap and Trace Threats

  • Lures & Detects Malicious Host Behavior
  • Detects Suspicious Lateral Movements on Internal Networks
  • Domain Name System Security Protection
  • Visualize Threat Data and Attack Trends
  • Virtual Machine Support


Endpoint Protection

  • Advanced Anomaly Detection
  • Endpoint Protection Enhanced with AI
  • AI-based Malware Detection Engine
  • Automatically Detects Malicious Programs and Files
  • Removes Malware Threats from Systems
  • Automatic Incident Responses


Intrusion Detection

  • Threat Detection and Notifications
  • Centralized Incident Management
  • Threat Intelligence and Security Alerting
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Data Collection and Incident Management
  • Event Correlation and Analytics with Risk Assessments
  • Dashboard and Reporting


Biometric Authentication and OTP

  • Real-time Facial Recognition Authentication
  • Mobile App Authentication with One-Time Passwords
  • Server-Side Authentication and Validation
  • FR-MOTP Server Storage for all Data
  • Scalable with Seamless Integrations on Existing Systems
Security Convergence

AI-powered Security Convergence Solutions

Security Convergence

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