A Safe City is a Smarter City

Secure Your City’s Future Economic Growth
Gorilla Smart and Safe City

Artificial Intelligence That Powers Cities

Gorilla’s cutting-edge AI solutions set new benchmarks for Smart & Safe Cities by revolutionizing quality of life while boosting economic competitiveness. Seamlessly interwoven into urban planning, development, and management, our AI-powered solutions deliver unmatched potential and efficiency across all aspects of cities.


Enhanced City Services & Infrastructure

  • Unifying City Data for Interconnected Public Services

  • Forward-thinking Strategies for Urban Planning

  • Designing Innovative Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure

  • Creating Smart, Interconnected Cities Nationwide


Bolstered Safety and Security

  • Physical & Digital Safety for Governments, Residents, and Enterprises
  • AI-powered Crime Detection & Prevention for Law Enforcement
  • Innovative Solutions to Safeguard Financial Services


Enhanced City Mobility

  • Advanced Traffic Control, Efficiency, & Management
  • Improved Public Transportation for Growing Communities
  • Optimized Logistics and Supply Chain Operations
  • Digitally Transformed Ports, Airports, Railway Stations, and More


Bold Innovation

  • Future Friendly AI that Grows with Society
  • Locally Resourced Talent for Continued Innovation
  • Constantly Evolving Security Convergence for Comprehensive Protection
  • AI-powered Systems That are Secure by Design


Improved Quality of Life for Residents

  • Human-centric Initiatives for Greater Public Safety
  • Reduced Daily Commute Times
  • Improved Medical Services for Better Care 


Boosted Local Economic Growth

  • Global Innovation that Boosts Local Economies
  • Creating Internationally Competitive Cities
  • Generates Attractive Investment & FDI Opportunities
  • Providing Enterprises the Services/Infrastructure Needed for Success

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