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Smart City

Video Analytic Technology for the Future, Available Today

Gorilla Smart City and Safe City solutions give government, transportation, campus, and arena administrators a way to better monitor, manage, and make decisions on a large scale. Based on the edge AI technology in IVAR™, Gorilla's wide-reaching Smart City solution has been implemented in many city projects and excels at superior traffic management, public safety, and central management. Connecting our edge computing technologies like IVAR to smart cities of the future is impacting how society uses intelligent video analytics globally.

  • Transportation Management

    Transportation Management

    Understanding traffic data is the key to making informed planning decisions in today's connected world. Transportation administrators, city planners, law enforcement, and urban designers can effectively prepare for the future by monitoring and gaining insight from counting vehicles over time in specific areas, route data with direction detection, and by detecting intersection violations. Gorilla's edge AI and video IoT solutions are actively being used to demonstrate the best answer to the question 'what should smart and safe cities aspire to be?'

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Monitoring large spaces with Gorilla Smart City expands control without increasing staff when feet-on-the-ground just isn't enough and can't effectively provide results. Get instant and actionable results by detecting, recording and comparing facial data to known threats or specific people who have already been identified as persons of interest and be alerted to suspicious activities as outlined in our Transportation Bureau success story below. The features of Smart City ensure safety in areas for government, transportation, campuses, arenas, and more.

  • Edge AI + IoT + Big Data

    Edge AI + IoT + Big Data

    Secure and precise control of large systems is of utmost importance in smart city projects. Gorilla delivers this through implementing the latest edge AI technologies on a comprehensive intelligent video analytics platform which gives administrations the power to lower deployment cost, balance network loads, integrate video with IoT, and harness Big Data to manage and monitor every aspect of a project from start to finish. Moreover, our open API interface ensures minimal migration effort with existing VMS solutions like Milestone and other platforms.

Market Ready Smart City Solutions

Proven in real-world settings and ready to deploy, Smart City solutions can elevate any project to the next level with a wide range of intelligent video analytics wrapped in robust network security. Smart City applications from Gorilla’s various technologies today will improve life in the cities we’re building for tomorrow.

Smart City Success Stories

Implementation has never been easier, see how some clients have created valuable systems with our Smart City solutions.

Train Station

Smart Cities, Public Safety, Integrated Systems

Transportation Bureau

Smart City Traffic Violation Management

What Our Partners Are Saying

Johnny Chen
Johnny Chen
Partner & Alliances Manger

"Gorilla edge AI video analytics adds incredible capabilities to our industrial and rugged computers. We're proud to partner with Gorilla, and excited to offer multiple NVRs and industrial gateway products to enhance their growing AI ecosystem."

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