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What is Edge AI?

Edge AI means processing data collected/created on a device at the edge of a network using artificial intelligence algorithms. ‘Edge’ means the device is at the edge of a network and ‘AI’ means the data is processed using artificial intelligence. Edge AI is defined by device location and how data is processed there.

Infographic of edge AI showing data flow from collection to processing to reporting.

Why is Edge AI Important?

Edge AI and edge computing devices help many industries become more efficient and safer by improving accuracy and reducing human error through automation. As described by MarketsandMarkets, “Edge AI can significantly improve surveillance and monitoring while reducing the amount of raw data that’s transmitted to the cloud leading to the adoption of edge AI for video surveillance. With the advent of edge AI, ML intelligent camera systems can capture raw data, process, and analyze it using facial recognition to identify persons of interest and suspicious activities that may be occurring directly at the edge.”

We now see industries across the board tapping the potential of these edge computing devices to improve day-to-day life for everyone. Early adopters of edge AI and edge computing technologies include industries such as transportation/driverless vehicles, education, medical/healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing/factories, retail/shopping and video surveillance.

As edge AI and video analytics become more intertwined, Fortune Business Insights has projected a 21.3% CAGR to 2027 for the global video analytics market, and Gorilla is recognized as a driving force in that edge AI forecast. “…the emergence of intuitive technologies, mainly AI-enabled surveillance systems, is attracting consumers and employees, resulting in the delivery of transformative business outcomes. Further, higher adoption of video analysis solutions across retail, healthcare, building & construction, and other applications are creating lucrative opportunities for the market players.” Learn more about video analytics here.

Edge AI is important in the autonomous vehicle industry.
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Edge AI is important in the manufacturing industry.
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Edge AI is important in the agriculture industry.
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Edge AI is important in the medical industry.
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Edge AI is important in the transportation industry.
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Edge AI is important in the video surveillance industry.
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Edge AI is important in the retail industry.
Shopping Learn More
Edge AI is important in education.
Education Learn More

Data Types and Edge AI Processing

Edge AI devices contain or are directly connected to sensors of one sort or another that collect and process structured or unstructured data.

Structured data

Examples of structured data types in edge computing and IoT.

GPS coordinates, motion detection, and temperature data is easily organized and acted upon by computers.

Unstructured data

Examples of unstructured data types in edge computing and IoT.

Video, images, and audio data is not easily classified or understood by computers.

Edge AI and Big Data Work Together

With the entire system protected by robust network security from Gorilla, the edge AI device processes and transforms the unstructured video and image data into structured data via deep learning (a form of AI). Once processed, the encrypted data is sent with the time of collection as an event for analysis in public, private, or hybrid servers. Events are stored, correlated, and categorized for use in biometric authentication, account management, device management, business intelligence, and other applications.

Infographic of an Edge AI system structure in a concept cloud.

Edge AI Whitepapers

Learn about edge AI and edge computing and dive into the leading technologies that Gorilla develops. Discover edge AI from Gorilla by exploring our many whitepapers which cover key markets and applications, implementations in public safety and smart cities, comprehensive enterprise security, expanded customer experiences in retail areas, and much more.

Read Our Edge AI Whitepapers

Our Edge AI Technology Is Different

Gorilla was the first to offer high-performance video analysis optimized by Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit to take edge computing & IoT data and business intelligence into the age of machine learning.

Concept map of edge AI platform features in teh shape of a brain.
Icon of CPU in a human head depicting edge AI computing.

Secure Edge Computing

We use a combination of machine learning and deep learning through customizing MobileNet SSD, ResNet and more to provide various highly accurate analytics in edge computing. It is all encrypted and wrapped in our robust network security solution.

Learn About Network Security
Icon of graphs on a computer monitor depicting intelligent video analytics in edge AI.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Our multiple AI algorithms collaborate to deliver intelligent video analytics (IVA) that transform data into actionable, real-time insights with people, vehicle, and object identification capabilities.

Learn About Video Analytics
Icon of multiple point chart showing increase in edge AI optimization and acceleration over time.

OpenVINO Optimized and Accelerated

We fully implement Intel OpenVINO optimization and CPU, VPU, & FPGA acceleration to enable edge computing devices to analyze more video feeds simultaneously in real time.

Learn About OpenVINO

Create and Maximize Value with Gorilla Edge AI

The edge AI technologies developed by Gorilla are at the core of our solutions and empower multiple industries to drive automation and reveal insight to human operators. Using machines to handle repetitive chains of events which require immediate responses gives staff the ability to see patterns hidden in human behavior. Putting the reach of edge AI and the power of video analysis to work for you is attainable now!

Learn the value of edge AI in Smart City.
Smart City
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Learn the value of edge AI in Enterprise.
Smart Enterprise
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Learn the value of edge AI in Smart Retail.
Smart Retail
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Learn the value of edge AI in Network Security.
Network Security
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IVAR® Edge AIIntelligent Video Analytics Recorder

VMS & IVA Solution
Flexible & Scalable
with Client Needs
Intel® Optimized
for Cost & Performance
Adding Value
with API Integration

Gorilla IVAR® real-time analytics technology gives insight into business and operations within a single dashboard. Protect your business with event-based solutions that effectively search and track people, vehicles, and objects. Detect suspicious events and prevent loss and shrinkage.

Learn More About IVAR

Case Studies on Edge AI

Gorilla IVAR contains our state of the art edge AI technology and enables real-time responses to events from edge and IoT devices and CCTV equipment. Edge computing reveals sophisticated insights about people, vehicles and moving objects for custom use-cases in surveillance and security, retail, traffic and parking, staff and visitor management and more.

People Analytics Case Studies

Vehicle Analytics Case Studies

Object Analytics Case Studies

Smart Retail case study using edge AI.
Smart Retail
Mitra LogoMitra Adiperkasa
People Identification

Identify shopper age & gender to conduct demographic analysis and lifestyle brand preferences with edge AI video analytics.

Daan Car Park case study using edge AI.
Smart Parking
Taipei LogoTaipei City Parking Management and Development Office
Vehicle Detection

Generate real-time parking occupancy statistics with edge AI video analytics.

Highway case study using edge AI.
Vehicle Tracking
Object Identification

Detect and transmit vehicle data with edge AI to law enforcement agencies for crime detection.

Taoyuuan International Airport case study using edge AI.
Attendance System
Taoyuan International Airport LogoTaoyuan International Airport
People Verification

Control and track access using edge AI video analytics and biometrics for multi-factor authentication.

Taiwan Water case study using edge AI.
Smart Patrol
Taiwan’s Water Resources Agengy LogoTaiwan’s Water Resources Agengy
Vehicle Verification

Monitor illegal dumping at water reservoirs and capture vehicle license plates to cross-check them against watchlists using edge AI.

Fengyuan Station case study using edge AI.
Platform Security
Taiwan Railway LogoRailway Bureau
Object Detection

Receive alerts from the edge AI system when your luggage leaves your side.

Office case study using edge AI.
Smart Office
Telstra LogoTelstra
People Location-Based Analytics

Use video analytics on edge AI to analyze employee activities in different work spaces to improve floorplans and office layouts.

Hsinchu Police case study using edge AI.
City Surveillance
Hsinchu Police LogoHsinchu City Police Bureau
Vehicle Location-Based Analytics

Track vehicles across city-wide CCTV installations with edge AI systems.

Taipei International Airport case study using edge AI.
Location-based Services
Taipei International Airport LogoTaipei International Airport
Object Location-Based Analytics

Analyze traveler routes and dwell times using iBeacon technology and edge AI systems.



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