AI Appliance

All-in-One AI Screen Station*

Facial Recognition + Mask & Temperature Detection

Attendance Management
Notifications & Alerts
*The AI Screen Station is currently only available in Taiwan.

Businesses, factories, hospitals, government agencies, transportation hubs (such as airports, train stations and mass transit) all need tools to help respond effectively to seasonal influenza and major infectious diseases.

This contactless AI appliance for access control delivers identity verification along with mask and temperature detection, effectively identifying entry/exit personnel along with their health status.

All-in-One AI Screen Station Core Capabilities

Access Control Management and Alert System

  • manage access for employees or those with high temperatures
  • liveness detection with facial recognition put an end to tailgating and photos used for check-ins
  • supports offline mode

Integrates Facial Recognition with Body Temperature and Mask/No Mask Detection

  • immediately detect and record the identity, health status, entry point, and entry time of incoming and outgoing personnel

Mask Detection Capability

  • detects which users wear masks and can restrict access accordingly

Contactless Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Detection

  • reduce the risk of exposure to infection

All-in-One AI Screen Station Adds Value and Safety

All-in-One Attendance Management

  • Accurate Records
  • Prevent Buddy-clocking

IoT Cross-Connectivity

  • Increase Automation
  • Control Auto-doors

Access Notifications & Alerts

  • Prioritize Security
  • Real-time Data

Expandable Integration

  • Fits Your Organization
  • Can Grow with You

Central Health Management through Access Control

Infographic of Health Management

Health Management

  • Check for fevers, mask wearing and verify a user’s identity
  • Real-time health status monitoring of both employees and visitors
Infographic of Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Supports up to 1,000 All-in-One AI Screen Stations at multiple locations
  • Manages 100,000 user profiles
Infographic of Data Security

Data Security

  • Secure endpoint protection with 128-bit data encryption

All-in-One AI Screen Station Architecture Fits Any System

The AI Screen Station and Identity Management Server work seamlessly together to create a system that can scale to your needs. From one station paired with one server to a hundred stations running through a single server, deploying unified access control is now attainable.

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