Video IoT PlatformExpand Your Business with VeMo

Gorilla Technology offers a range of solutions that combines video analytics and IoT technology to deliver business intelligence insights for improving performance in sales, operations and understanding of customer needs.

  • Cloud & Edge Computing

    Deliver intelligent video solutions with Cloud and Edge computing architectures for more reliable and efficient data processing, analysis and storage and reduced cost and latency.

  • Video-Centric Technology

    Advanced video analytics, content management, and business intelligence solutions, enabling efficient management and utilization of rich-media content for the public and private sectors.

  • VeMo Solution Matrix

    Transform data into actionable, real-time insights with people, vehicle, and object identification verification capabilities and location-based analytics to create value and drive new opportunities.

  • API Integration

    Deploy solutions by integrating cloud and edge APIs with service providers and hardware makers to deliver value-added service applications used in industrial and commercial environments.

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