Edge AI Video Analytics for High Performance and Faster Response

Gorilla IVAR™ real-time analytics technology gives insight into business and operations within a single dashboard. Protect your business with event-based solutions that effectively search and track people, vehicles, and objects. Detect suspicious events and prevent loss and shrinkage.

IVAR Core Capabilities

People/Face Recognition

Behavior Analysis

Vehicle Detection/Recognition

Business Intelligence

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Video Analytics Technology for the Future,
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IVAR gives government, transportation, enterprise, and retail administrators a way to better monitor, manage, and make decisions on any scale. IVAR has been implemented in many projects globally and excels at superior traffic management, public safety, enterprise security, and retail analytics. Connecting our edge computing technologies like IVAR to smart areas of the future is impacting how society uses intelligent video analytics globally.


IVAR Success Stories

Implementation has never been easier, see how some clients have created valuable systems with IVAR.

IVAR Whitepapers

Get a deeper understanding of why the global surveillance analytics market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2026.

Learn about computer vision today and dive into the technology behind IVAR. See what a future friendly edge AI with Gorilla IVAR means by exploring key markets and applications, implementations in public safety and smart cities, comprehensive enterprise security, expanded customer experiences in retail areas, and much more.

IVAR Adds Value Like No Other

Icon depicting IVAR as an All-in-One VMS and IVA solution.

All-in-One VMS & IVA Solution

  • Comprehensive yet compact Video Management System with Intelligent Video Analytics.
  • Ideal for clients who prefer to take all-in-one and proactive video surveillance.
Icon depicting IVAR video surveillance as flexible and scalable to meet client needs.

Flexible & Scalable with Client Needs

  • Scalable and flexible use from all-in-one machines or gateway hubs to large server scenarios.
  • Well defined deployment to small shops, large sites or multiple site scenarios.
Icon depicting IVAR video surveillance being Intel optimized for cost and performance.

Intel® Optimized for Cost & Performance

  • Fully optimized by OpenVINO™ to run faster and give a better cost structure when compared to CPU/GPU-based hardware.
  • Versatility that can run on CPU-only systems, NO GPU Needed.
Icon depicting IVAR video surveillance with complete and open API integration capabilities.

Adding Value with API Integration

  • Open architecture and API interface for quick integration with existing VMS solutions (e.g. Milestone) and other platforms (e.g. IoT, Access Control, Building Automation System – BAS, Kiosk) which ensures minimal migration efforts for clients and System Integrators.
Intel ISA Logo

OpenVINO™ Optimized Edge AI Gorilla's IVAR (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder) is certified as the first IVA-based security software partner integrated with OpenVINO in Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. This collaboration enables Gorilla's Edge devices to conduct one and a half times greater video feed real-time analytics without facilitating GPU's. Gorilla's clients will dramatically benefit with lower deployment costs as more video channels can be analyzed on the same hardware.
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Robust AIoT Security

Robust AIoT Security Network Security options in IVAR include the trapping system and intelligent network reporting modules from Gorilla's SCP (Security Convergence Platform). Fool hackers and catch potential threats from all over the world by trapping them with isolated data. Respond to threats immediately and review dynamic reports on time of attack, global location, as well as which protocol the hacker/malware is targeting. Analyze system logs and firewall records in real-time to prioritize defense strategy and contextualize threats.
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milestone milestone Verified

Milestone XProtect® VMS Integration IVAR™ easily integrates with XProtect® to give users real-time video analytics insight from more than 40+ IVA types while offering the power to manage everything from within the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client UI. Improve government, enterprise, and retail operations by deploying IVAR in Milestone XProtect® today.
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IVAR Architecture Fits Any System

Infographic of IVAR video surveillance scalable architecture.
Scalable Architecture

The complete IVAR contains edge-based features, including streaming, recording, monitoring, and video analytics capabilities for today's security cameras. It supports open-standard codecs and protocols to work with any kind of IP camera or existing surveillance system. Reliablity and scalablity enhance infrastructure and reduce security costs for small businesses and enterprises alike.

Infographic of IVAR video surveillance central monitoring.
Central Monitoring System

IVAR can be easily integrated into existing surveillance systems, enabling numerous cameras situated in different locations or sites to connect to a central hub. Remote administration allows operators to keep track of cameras and manage multiple feeds simultaneously. Efficiently search, view, and monitor the premises to increase situational awareness and reduce time to action.

Infographic of IVAR video surveillance video analytics and events.
Video Analytics and Events

Easily conduct real-time searches and tracking of people, objects and vehicles. Create watch lists for unusual activities and repeat offenders to reduce manual effort and human error. Intrusion detection quickly identifies suspects and alerts personnel upon event occurrence using our Push Notifications API. Keep security and management aware of any situation using apps, email, and SMS.

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