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Taiwan's International Airports Implement Gorilla Biometrics Technology to Improve Airport Operations and Security

Taipei, Taiwan. Gorilla recently deployed a biometric attendance system integrated with its Survey Signage to provide increased levels of security and operational efficiency at both Taoyuan and Taipei International Airports. Taoyuan and Taipei Airports have both seen exceeding growth of passengers in the last decade, serving more than 40 million and 6 million passengers each year respectively. To ensure both airports deliver exceptional passenger experience airport-wide, Gorilla focused on providing a solution that would streamline workforce management and enhance airport security for restricted areas.

Gorilla’s Attendance System enables airport officials to seamlessly share information and manage staff across different functions. Through a centralized system, they can effectively screen any workforce and simplify the process of managing vendors, contractors and employees. The cloud-based system accurately identifies authorized staff members using facial recognition technology and PIN code two-step authentication, allowing administers to monitor clock-in and clock-out status from various locations.

Additionally, the Attendance System works in conjunction with Survey Signage, collecting customer feedback in real-time. The exchange of customer information empowers management to anticipate and fulfill passenger needs by assigning staff for immediate assistance to reduce unfavorable experiences. With the implementation of Gorilla’s cloud technology, Taoyuan and Taipei Airports expect to better understand passengers and take action to improve passengers experiences with smart technology. 

In response to global security threats, Gorilla adapted its biometric layer to the solution to help Taoyuan and Taipei Airports heighten security measures and border control. The Attendance System integrates biometric authentication with the time clock to control the movement of airport employees as well as prevent buddy clocking or suspicious individuals from entering restricted areas. To ensure that workforce identities are consistent, airport officials can conduct a remote status check of employee times and attendance and receive full reports of entry access points. Furthermore, the real-time alert system notifies officials of clock-in errors, failed attempts to minimize risks, and acts of terrorism.

“As a partner to Taoyuan and Taipei Airports, our goal is to provide pioneering technology to deliver enhanced security, operational efficiency, and an improved passenger experience to airport facilities,” said Gorilla Technology CEO Dr. Spincer Koh.

While the collaboration between Gorilla and Taoyuan/Taipei Airports have helped to reduce the complexities of airport operations, it demonstrates one of many ways smart technology is being used to tackle security challenges in high traffic areas. From workforce management to providing comprehensive security capabilities, Gorilla continues to evolve and expand its portfolio of technologies to deliver customer-oriented solutions that resolve pain points for customers’ existing management systems.


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