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President Mah impressed by Gorilla product launch at WiMAX Forum 2009

Taipei, Taiwan, October 26, 2009

President Mah was walking along Hall 3 of Taipei World Trade Center that morning, not preparing for anything truly exciting, when he was drawn into the Gorilla booth in the M-Taiwan Pavilion.

In particular, President Mah’s attention was grabbed by the state-of-the-art Gorilla mC4S Mobile Command Center featuring Gorilla IVS Core with Intelligent Video Analysis. Portrayed in a variety of scenarios such as Search & Rescue, Crowd Management, Wildlife Conservation and Homeland Security; these are very real-life applications that can be put into immediate use not only in Taiwan, but also globally.

“The problem with the old way of Search & Rescue, Crowd Management etc is that everything is done by human power.”, said Dr. Koh, C.E.O. of Gorilla technology Group, Inc. “With the Gorilla IVS Core & Gorilla mC4S, Intelligent Video Analysis is performed in Real-Time for intelligent data, wherever it is needed (Mobile).”

About Gorilla mC4S Platform

The Gorilla mC4S is a Mobile Command Center that can be dispatched to the target area (e.g. in close proximity) or front-line of the service / operation so that real-time or even instantaneous support can be provided to the field service / operation units. The mC4S can be installed with all the same essential systems as the Gorilla C4S Platform (Command Center). Equipped with the latest wireless broadband communications systems (i.e. WiMAX / 3G / 3.5G / WIFI), it can be used to remotely control the IP cameras in the target area and capture their high quality video data streams in real-time 24 x 7. With the Gorilla Video Surveillance and Analysis Platform installed, video data and location data can be analyzed on the spot to assist commanders to devise more effective tactics and coordinate efforts efficiently for safer and easier field service / operations with highest successful rate. In addition, the Gorilla mC4S can be kept in constant contact with Gorilla C4S Platform, sharing its operation status and progress as well as receiving major strategy changes in real-time.

About Gorilla IVS Core

Advanced video analytics offered by the Gorilla IVS Core can be used in a variety of situations, for example Homeland Security. Video camera locations are presented and selectable on an interactive map which captures images in the area being monitored and are then displayed and analyzed in real-time for pre-defined anomalies.

About Gorilla

Gorilla Technology Group, Inc, is the leading innovator of products & solutions are for organizations from a variety of industries, such as government agencies, financial sectors, telecommunications, healthcare, broadcasters, content providers, service providers and utilities. Gorilla business is mainly divided into four sectors:
Broadcast Tapeless - integrated tapeless workflow with Essence Digiflow & Lifecycle Control.
New IP Media - end to end work flow mechanism from ingestion, encoding, scheduling to statistical monitoring, dispatching and distributing to IP based channel like IPTV, IP Radio, Web TV, VoD, PPV or Mobile TV, eLearning, and Digital Signage…etc.
Homeland Security – LI, Intelligent Video Surveillance, target positioning & tracking
Public Security – Intelligent Video Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance, Mobile & Portable Video Surveillance



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