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Gorilla and Dell Offer Versatile Communication Platform to Thailand’s Public Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance

TAIPEI, Taiwan. Gorilla Technology Group along with Dell Corporation will collaborate in the expansion of the existing Dell Data Center of Thailand’s Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) of the Ministry of Finance to provide a centralized information and communication platform.

“The Public Debt Management Office was already running on the Dell Data Center for data storage and backup. By implementing the Gorilla Content Server on top of their existing Dell infrastructure, PDMO expands its system to include organization-wide content management and delivery,” said Ekaraj Panjavinin, Country Manager, Dell Corporation (Thailand).

Proven interoperability and a modularized design allow Gorilla Content Server to be implemented on top of PDMO’s existing Dell infrastructure. Allowing PDMO to enhance live audio-visual communication, Gorilla Content Server delivers messages, training, and security monitoring to digital signage, PCs and personal devices via an IP network. With its open infrastructure, Gorilla Content Server is fully scalable, which enables PDMO to expand whenever necessary.

“As a robust communication platform, Gorilla Content Server on Dell transforms PDMO’s basic data center into a powerful, multi-channel IPTV system, with which they are able to deliver live security feeds and video-on-demand announcements on separate yet programmable channels,” said Dr. Spincer Koh, Co-Founder and CEO of Gorilla Technology Group. “By implementing Gorilla Content Server, PDMO will be able to scale this system when the office expands to manage the same content assets via Gorilla’s Content Cloud technology.”

Gorilla Content Server is easy to operate from content capturing, storing, managing, playout and archiving. To maximize its work efficiency, PDMO intends to create a communication channel to quickly deliver messages onto digital signage and other IP-enabled devices. PDMO can easily maximize inter-departmental or corporate communication to enhance collaboration across different teams without the hassle of uploading content onto different channels or devices. Gorilla Content Server combines a versatile communication platform with a centralized content management platform.

About Dell Corporation (Thailand)

Dell Corporation (Thailand) is one of the many subsidiaries of Dell Inc., a global technology leader in providing compact personal computing to full system solutions such as data center for small businesses, medium corporations, and large enterprises. With more than 2 decades of experience, Dell has delivered technology solutions to customers everywhere enabling them to realize their dreams.

About Gorilla

With over 10 years’ experience in developing digital content technology, Gorilla offers a range of robust products and customized tapeless workflow solutions for broadcast TV, media companies and media facilities; intelligent video surveillance solutions featuring analytics for enterprise business surveillance; and network intelligence and forensics for telecommunications and web service industries.

Scalable modules built on an open architecture ensure streamlined workflows for the capture, analysis, archiving, storage, repurposing, production, and distribution of valuable unstructured assets, whether video, audio, or other forms of content. For more information please visit our website or contact one of our dedicated sales professionals.

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