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Gorilla’s Video Big Data Platform: The future path for the development of the nation’s creative industries


Gorilla Technology was proud to welcome Taiwan’s President-elect Tsai Ing-wen to their office on her nationwide industry tour to listen and exchange ideas with CEO Dr. Koh, and Gorilla’s management team. The President-elect’s main topic of discussion was the impact of video, IoT, big data and analytical software trends in Taiwan and worldwide.


Tsai’s purpose was to compliment Gorilla on its networking success and helped to explain how this would provide a future path for the development of the nation’s creative industries. 

Gorilla Technology has excelled, proving itself capable of retaining and expanding its client base within Taiwan and globally, Tsai said. Adding that she hopes to take key points from the firm’s experiences and apply it to the growth and nurturing in Taiwan’s business sector.

Video Big Data and Analytics Platforms for various domain applications are being recognized as the next generation developing trend. Gorilla features this in its smart series which includes Smart Enterprise, Smart City, Smart IoT, Smart Media, Smart Home, and Smart Security. Gorilla has partnered with Telstra, the leading international telco service provider, to launch multiple global managed services.

The rapid industry changes and a competitive global market is a driving stimulus for the new government to assist in the advancement of these technologies, Dr. Koh suggested. However, Dr.Koh stressed the need for government to assist in driving the emphasis of new regulations to advance these technologies, the consolidation and integration of government resources, and the support for export services. The new government’s full support in this entire industry will help transform it and make Taiwan a leader in the services space.

About Gorilla

Gorilla is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, which supports a wide range of video-centric applications for broadcast media and entertainment, education, enterprise unified communication, business intelligence, and security.

In addition to managing over 35 petabytes of content across 5 continents and in multiple languages, Gorilla solves key Video Big Data related issues derived from the volume, velocity and variety of videos generated by real-world applications in Smart Cities, logistics, retail and the connected home.

Working with leading hardware and infrastructure partners such as EMC, Dell, and Cisco, Gorilla offers scalable on-site products and solutions. In conjunction with data center and cloud infrastructure providers like Telstra, Gorilla provides a range of value-added services covering video and network intelligence, video management and delivery.

Gorilla also works with service providers to develop value-added video entertainment and security services for the connected home.

As the “800-pound gorilla of content technology” Gorilla Technology Group is among a handful of R&D facilities that have domain-specific content management kernels, and applies its innovation to a range of products, solutions, and services.

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