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Gorilla Technology releases new platform

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Company's Security Convergence Platform addresses physical- and cyberrisks
Company's Security Convergence Platform addresses physical and cyberrisks

TAIPEI, Taiwan—Gorilla Technology,a video intelligence and IoT provider, in March released its new Security Convergence Platform, which brings together the company's Smart Surveillance and Network Intelligence solutions.

“It's a temporal-spatial-object-oriented analytics platform with the natural capability of video and network analytics big data database management. A powerful user-friendly ETL-like tool for all types of users to easily incorporate unstructured, semi-structured and structured data into the static analysis dashboard, with free text search, fast video and image search, time sequence analysis, IP/geo location analysis and profiling, and visualized data correlation analysis systematically,” Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology, told Security Systems News in an email interview.

“There's a strong demand for total solutions which protect both physical assets and intellectual property because of the increasing complexity of physical and cyber threats and attacks from either internal or external sources,” Koh said. The announcement of the platform noted that cybercrimes can have a physical component, such as a site visitor, combining elements of both cyber- and physical security.

The new offering has applications for enterprises that want to “protect physical assets, financial transactions, customer data, and intellectual property,” law enforcement agencies that “collect crime intelligence, forensic evidence to locate suspicious targets, monitor potential threats, and catch criminals in a timely manner,” or cloud providers seeking to “add an extra layer of security protection on existing security managing services.”

The Security Convergence Platform brings together two of Gorilla's previously developed solutions, for video analytics solution and network security solution. It also includes three new features, such as big data capabilities, the ability to integrate and query disparate databases, and multi-factor authentication and authorization with Gorilla's Bio-OTP.

“Bio-OTP authentication integrates Windows, LAN, Wi-Fi, or VPN authentication, providing IT staff with a clear picture of accessibility, origin, dates, and location of people. This is to ensure a high level of converged security that rightly identifies, accesses the right resources at the correct locations and hosts,” Koh said.

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Source : Security Systems News

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