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Gorilla Smart Station Creates Proactive Traveler Safety with Edge AI

Gorilla Smart Station Creates Proactive Traveler Safety with Edge AI

Taipei, TW - November 8th, 2019 - Gorilla Technology, a leading edge AI and video IoT solutions provider, worked with Taiwan’s Railway Bureau to build the country’s first smart train station. They report 50% faster response times after deploying IVAR™ at the Fengyuan Station in Taichung. The Railway Bureau implemented Gorilla’s edge AI video analytics to create a proactive system with advanced video analytics and integration with other IoT devices and sensors in order to ensure the most traveler-friendly station possible while enhancing station safety by preventing accidents and incidents.

For a long time, the Taiwan Railway Administration has used passive closed-circuit television surveillance systems at various stations with the purpose of recording video at vital areas in the event of an emergency or unexpected situation. Gorilla’s smart surveillance solution launched at Fengyuan Station in 2018 with integrated IoT devices, sensors, and surveillance cameras in the proactive system in order to deliver comprehensive surveillance. The system now immediately issues alerts, warnings, and notifications when potential risks are detected, like when people cross the yellow line on platforms before trains arrive. Furthermore, behavior analysis enables operators to catch suspicious passenger actions and immediately notify other staff or police to dangerous situations. In all, the eleven detection methods used at the station have led to a 50% faster response time to incidents.

This is the first time the Railway Bureau has implemented a smart surveillance solution. Due to the overwhelmingly positive results of decreased incidents and improved response times, the Railway Bureau plans on creating more smart stations with Gorilla in the future to ensure friendly station spaces, assist people in need, prevent accidents, improve incident handling, enhance rail travel safety, and create a safe and comfortable ride environment.


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Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2001, is a global leader in video intelligence, network intelligence and IoT technology. It develops a wide range of video-centric and content management solutions including Smart Cities, Smart Retail, and Enterprise Security. In addition, Gorilla provides a complete Security Convergence Platform to government institutions, telecom companies and private enterprises with network surveillance and cybersecurity.

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