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Gorilla Showcases “Smart Video Analytics for Surveillance and Business Intelligence” at the “Greenplum Connect Asia Pacific Summit 2012”

TAIPEI, Taiwan—December 7, 2012—Gorilla Technology Group showcased its newest solution “Smart Video Analytics for Surveillance and Business Intelligence” at the recent “Greenplum Connect Asia Pacific Summit 2012” held in Singapore. Gorilla’s solution solves key content monitoring and content management issues for enterprises, while offering insight for better business decision making.

Enterprises today face the daunting task of managing huge amounts of enterprise video, including surveillance-based, training-based, and marketing-based content. As the volume of enterprise video continues to grow at a pace beyond most companies’ limited storage capacity, the data accumulated is typically erased to yield room for new recordings. During this process, important footage can be lost and hours of valuable data can be wasted. Thus, corporations are calling for strategic and selective content management and archiving.

In the area of surveillance, corporations tend to use traditional surveillance methods which require personnel to constantly monitor live feeds and manually activate alerts whenever an event occurs. With each site typically requiring large numbers of surveillance feeds for effective monitoring, combined with the difficulty of having someone to physically monitor and respond to multiple feeds, it is therefore crucial for enterprises to find a way to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of content monitoring.

Gorilla’s solution offers a range of key values for business decision making, including:

  • Intelligent Decision Support solves manual content monitoring issues by automatically notifying responsible parties and sending relevant videos to the right people via the right channels when it detects anomalies.
  • Intelligent Video Analytics provides enterprises with strategic and selective content management and archiving by focusing on video data of value. Intelligent Video Analytics works as an active filter to detect video clips with anomalies, and indexes these clips so that only content of interest is stored by the system. As a result, enterprises maximize the efficiency of their storage capacity while only keeping data that has business value. 
    One application of Gorilla’s technology is in the extraction of business-critical information for retail shopping. For example, data such as the video recordings of each aisle in a retail store are accumulated, analyzed, and cross-referenced as consumer behavioral data for the business to better understand in-store crowding and identify products of interest at each store location. 
  • Intelligent Risk Assessment is suitable for enterprises that require asset protection, people monitoring (such as black-listed guests, crowding or loitering) and process observation. For example, Intelligent Risk Assessment may detect an anomaly between the presence of an employee and his supposed absence on the Enterprise Resource Planning system. Thus, the enterprise decision maker is automatically alerted by Intelligent Decision Support to trigger an immediate response if theft occurs.

“Gorilla’s Smart Video Analytics for Surveillance and Business Intelligence enables enterprises to reduce business risk, explore new business opportunities, and make the most of existing resources to generate new revenue streams and higher return on investment.” said Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology Group.

“By offering Intelligent Video Analytics, Risk Assessment and Decision Support, Gorilla’s analytics solution allows enterprises to make better, faster and more informed decisions that have positive impact on the bottom line and make planning for future investment far more targeted,” Dr Koh said.

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