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Gorilla Launches Digital Asset Management Platform Share Box as a Video Cloud Service for Global Enterprises

Gorilla Technology Group has launched digital asset management software – Gorilla Share Box – as a cloud service, the first in a range of video-centric offerings targeting media production companies and businesses that are heavy users of video and photo content.

Gorilla Share Box solves the common hassle associated with managing, reviewing and sharing video files by allowing easy search and previewing of content, without requiring the need to open or download large source files. Tags and metadata templates can be used to facilitate quick location of associated digital files, including photos, audio, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and more.

As a project or customer account management tool, the Gorilla Share Box cloud service provides a secure digital asset management environment from which a marketing, training, or media business can manage multiple customer accounts and their related creative assets. Users can preview video, photo, and document files via a web browser without having to open files, while Share Box includes user-account controls to manage access to individual folders, sharing of content, and specific system functionality.

“Whether your business has long-term digital assets under management, or your demands expand and contract based on project needs, Gorilla Share Box on the cloud provides the scale and reach to service your customers, world-wide,” said Gorilla Technology CEO, Dr Spincer Koh. “By eliminating the costs of on-premises IT system ownership, Gorilla’s cloud services can drive ROI that’s easily justified within a project budget, and quickly measured against each project’s outcomes.”

Gorilla Share Box is deployed on cloud infrastructure provided through Telstra’s global data center and trunking network, ensuring customers have a robust cloud platform that supports their multinational operations. 

Targeting organizations that are heavy users or creators of video for communication purposes – such as advertising agencies, teaching institutions, production houses and the like – Gorilla Share Box gives organizations better control over their enterprise-wide content. Share Box consolidates management of that content into a single platform, ensuring more efficient and secure use of IT resources by minimizing file duplication and untangling reliance on typical forms of content sharing such as email, ftp, or personal cloud-based services for exchanging large media files.

As an enterprise platform, Gorilla Share Box on the cloud offers the following key benefits for in-house collaboration and management of content that’s shared with external teams:


Easy collaboration around content – whether distributed as links via email or using direct sign-on, Share Box offers the easy organization of resources into project folders, and the creation of project teams that have specific access rights.


Version control of documents – allows multiple creators to track the updating of files from different sites, while preserving historical data for quick cross-referencing.


Time-saving search with metadata tagging – enables the fast location of individual content and their associated files from across the entire network. Metadata can be applied via user-defined templates allowing the creation of very specific criteria to match the needs of a project.


Secure management of project resources – offers better protection of sensitive or copyrighted content with access to folders defined by user group, and function-specific roles granted to specific users.


System usage analytics – provides administrators with a top view of system activity, collating information on logins, content downloads, mailings and use of other features.



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