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Gorilla Presents Video-Based Unified Communication for Global Enterprises, at Dell’s “Unlock Your Business Potential” Seminar in Bangkok

TAIPEI, Taiwan— On Thursday September 13th, Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology Group, attended “Unlock Your Business Potential” seminar hosted by Dell, as a guest speaker to discuss how Gorilla can help to increase the value of enterprise video content by the means of “Video-Based Unified Communication”, available as small-scale product packages or as cloud-based services.

From the past decade, Gorilla has accumulated dealings with a number of multi-national companies. From observing their processes closely, Dr. Koh deduced a number of limitations and challenges faced by today’s global businesses due to their scale and workforce diversity. In his presentation, Dr. Koh explained that the larger an organization grows, the higher the barriers between each department rise, especially when it comes to resource or information sharing. He categorized today’s enterprise content management into the following silos: “Training”, “Sales & Marketing”, “Security” and “Analysis”. Each of these silos is traditionally managed by different teams requiring their own IT resources.

Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication aims to break these silos into one unified platform responsible for a complete content lifecycle, from capture, management, repurposing to delivery. It unlocks the potential in areas such as “Talent Development”, “Business Development”, “Business Intelligence” and “Risk Management”.

As in every organization, the human effort and interaction factor remains the most inimitable factor in gaining competitive advantage. Via Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication, employee communication, company announcements, and product, service or SOP training only need to be recorded and captured once to allow future reuse. Content can be played out to any IP-enabled device via live streaming or video-on-demand. As a result, the cost of investment in IT and human resources in proportion to the return in “Talent Development” is significantly increased.

From the sales and marketing perspective, “Business Development” is crucial in generating revenue and keeping the business profitable. Product advertising, launch events, and education can be pre-recorded or live-streamed using Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication to be shared with global personnel, business partners, even customers.

To safe-keep corporate facilities, surveillance footage can be ingested into Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication platform for “Risk Management” as part of intelligent asset monitoring and theft notification. A broader usage of Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication platform includes keeping records of customer testimonials and in-store purchasing/browsing behaviors as a basis for “Business Intelligence” analysis.

“Gorilla Video-Based Unified Communication enables converting communication processes into tangible assets, allows multiple usage and delivery to multiple IP-enabled devices all via a single yet scalable platform.” said Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology Group. “As a unified content management platform, its unified technology provides unified access for users to deliver unified communication and achieve unified collaboration.”

Dr. Koh explaining problems faced by global corporations.

dr.koh presenting.jpg

Mike Wang, Director of Southeast Asia of Gorilla Technology, demonstrates the features of the 4th generation Gorilla Broadcast Tapeless solution, the "SilverBack".

 mike presenting.jpg

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