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Gorilla Launches Scalable Content Management Appliance for Enterprise: Gorilla Share Box on Cisco UCS

Gorilla Technology Group Inc.
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Gorilla Technology Group has launched Gorilla Share Box on Cisco UCS, a media asset management appliance for the enterprise market. Gorilla Share Box provides an all-in-one platform for sharing enterprise video, leveraging the converged infrastructure design of Cisco UCS to offer a fast-to-deploy and easy-to-scale device.

Gorilla Share Box meets the needs of today’s enterprises to minimize the management costs associated with the growing use of media in business, while facilitating a better means to extract more value from a company’s existing media assets.

Targeting organizations that are heavy users or creators of video for communication purposes, Gorilla Share Box gives organizations better control over their enterprise-wide content. Share Box consolidates management of that content into a single platform,ensuring more efficient and secure use of IT resources by minimizing file duplication and eliminating reliance on traditional forms of content sharing such as email,ftp, or external cloud-based services to exchange large media files.

“Gorilla Share Box for enterprise customers is the appliance version of our leading solution technology for broadcast content management,” said Dr Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology Group. “As an easy entry point for enterprise media management,Gorilla Share Box leverages the benefits of Cisco UCS as a converged technology platform to provide a high-performance system that can scale to both on-premises solutions and large data-center implementations.”

Gorilla Share Box on Cisco UCS offers the following key benefits to enterprise customers:

• All-in-one multimedia management platform - providing a single platform supporting up to 5 concurrent users across a network linking an unlimited number of user accounts.
• Cross-organizational sharing of content - allowing the easy organization of resources into project folders, and the creation project teams that have specific access rights.
• Efficient content categorization - video content is automatically cataloged into key frames selected by scene change or user-defined duration, generating easy-to-browse storyboards of video content.
• Time-saving search with metadata tagging - enables the fast location of content files from across the entire network, with access via web browser allowing search from any location world-wide. Metadata can be applied via user-defined templates allowing the creation of very specific search criteria to match the needs of the project.
• Secure management of project resources - offers more sophisticated protection of sensitive or copyrighted content with access to folders defined by user group,and function-specific roles granted to specific users.

Gorilla Share Box is just one of four new converged appliances from Gorilla’|s Enterprise Appliance range, each of which is certified for Cisco UCS and currently listed on the Cisco Developer Network Marketplace.

More information about Gorilla Share Box on Cisco UCS is available in the following forms:



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