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Gorilla Joins VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Launch Program, Explores Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Customers like Fox

Gorilla Technology Group has joined the launch of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service as the only provider of software solutions for the professional broadcast and media industries.

Outlining his vision for the future of cloud services, VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said “VMware’s mission is to radically simplify IT and help customers transform their IT operations. With the introduction of the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, we take a big step forward by coupling all the value of VMware virtualization and software-defined data center technologies with the speed and simplicity of a public cloud service that our customers desire.”
Gorilla CEO Dr. Koh (center) with VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger (left) & VCHS Senior V.P Riccardo Diblasio (right)

At an event held at the VMware Campus in Palo Alto, California, VMware Senior Vice President Bill Fathers announced vCloud Hybrid Service was a fast way to deploy and scale applications on the cloud, offering seamless integration between private and public clouds, which enabled the easy replicating of an “on-premises” IT environment located on a customer’s private cloud to a highly scalable public cloud implementation.

Julio Sobral, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Fox International Channels, highlighted the value of a hybrid cloud to an organization like Fox, which is faced with the challenges of fighting content piracy as well as distributing its own content among over 55 regional offices worldwide.

“Fox manages over 300 channels in over 130 languages across five continents. Duplicating data centers in every country is impossible,” said Mr Sobral. “Instead we can use the cloud to manage and distribute content without having to build out [our own infrastructure].”

Fox is initially using vCloud Hybrid Service to host its content transcoding and content management processes, and will continue to explore how to migrate other video related processes to the cloud.

Gorilla Technology CEO, Dr Spincer Koh, commented on the value of hybrid cloud services to customers like Fox International Channels: “Whether it’s for professional broadcast content, or enterprise video in all its varied forms, Gorilla sees the hybrid cloud as playing an increasingly important role in the secure management, delivery, and monetization of high-value content globally. What the hybrid cloud offers today’s enterprises—and what vCloud Hybrid Service intends to deliver—is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage and measure scalable demand for IT resources. This represents a highly flexible model for cooperation between multiple business entities and across multiple physical sites.”

For Gorilla’s existing customers, hybrid cloud services represent a fast and cost effective way to extend the scale of on-premises private clouds. At the operational level, customers benefit from better integration of their workflows and asset management processes and faster turn-around, while maintaining security and control over their content.

Meanwhile at the business level, customers can shift the focus of their expenses from the cost of owning, installing and maintaining individual equipment, to a focus on how new applications can be launched quickly and how ROI can be justified for the length of time that services are run.

VMware announced the availability of its hybrid cloud via four data centers throughout the US, located in Santa Clara, Las Vegas, Dallas and Sterling. Beginning 2014 services will be available via data centers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Meanwhile, vCloud Hybrid Service will begin as an Early Access Program starting June this year.

Gorilla is participating in the VMware’s beta program as a Software-as-a-Service provider for the professional media and entertainment industry.
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