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Gorilla Empowers TVB (Hong Kong) to Launch the First Media Content Cloud in Asia, with Online Video Store - GOTV - Comparable to Apple’s iTunes

Gorilla Technology Inc. today announced it has assisted the Hong Kong media group TVB to launch a new media services platform – GOTV – thus becoming the 1st online video store in Asia dedicated to Chinese content.  Gorilla’s solution integrates workflows within the TVB group, allowing GOTV to more easily repurpose and monetize video content. 

TVB Hong Kong launched its services in 1967 with approximately 300 million viewers worldwide. It is the TV station which produces the largest volume of Chinese TV programs. Many programs, dubbed into different languages, have been broadcast to over 40 cities. TVB possesses over 40 years of historic Big Data media content. Its internal organizational structure spans across numerous TV channels and departments. Because of this structure, programs and dramas are produced from different channels and nearly all are broadcast under different platforms. This has created a severe problem that many resources (programs) cannot be shared and valuable time is wasted on cross-department communications.

In addition, according to TVB’s top management, TVB’s myTV takes roughly 7%-8% of 3G traffic, which shows that many viewers watch TVB’s programs via mobile devices like smartphone. Therefore, in order to attract more online viewers, TVB has been planning to launch a new generation of service platform for download by deploying Gorilla’s integration solution. In mid-January 2014, TVB GOTV (online pay TV service) was finally launched. Gorilla Technology plays an essential role of integrating the backend platform.


Gorilla’s goal is to assist TVB to improve the efficiency of its work flow. Starting from the integration of the platform connecting related program information, the final goal is to reduce manpower and overall cost while repurposing the content. As a result, it will allow TVB to produce more commercial programs. This concept in turn fosters the origination of TVB GOTV. This is Gorilla Technology’s core value: to help clients create business value and generate profit.

Gorilla’s Solutions:
ATM (Automatic Transcoding Manager), MAM (Media Assets Management), EFCS (Essence Flow Control System), EM Portal, Tiered Archive Control System, Repurposing and Sharing, and Content Server are adopted for the management and broadcast of the new media. In general, Gorilla consolidates all the media assets generated out of the previous system vendors. On top of that, Gorilla also properly maps out metadata and maintains its consistency, including subtitles and media assets archiving. This makes the file search quick and easy, and programs can be browsed on the platform, which directly leads to the reduction of manpower, work hours, and expenses. Most importantly, it helps TVB create a new revenue source from the Mobile Pay TV Platform-GOTV.

About TVB
Television Broadcasts Limited (00511, listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited), commonly known as "Wireless Television" or TVB, was established on November 19, 1967 and is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong. Headquartered in Hong Kong, TVB provides round-the-clock entertainment channels and news service to over 7 million Hong Kong viewers, and operates an international licensing and distribution business. Many of the programs produced in Cantonese are dubbed into Mandarin and other languages, and are distributed worldwide, including Asia (covering Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore), Australia, North and South America, and Europe, accessible to over 300 million households. Today, TVB has over 4,600 staff and artistes worldwide. TVB currently operates five free channels in Hong Kong, which are TVB Jade, TVB Pearl, HD Jade, J2, and iNEWS.
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