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Gorilla Content Server Release Soon!!

Gorilla Content Server

The Second “Must-have” Server for all the Enterprises

Fewer Efforts to Build Up a Powerful Networking, and Grow Your Businesses

Do you know how much invisible but valuable information you may ignore in the regular business operations? Are you well-prepared to step into the multimedia and networking world? Gorilla Technology, the global content solution provider, uses its core competence technology to offer a brand-new product helping the enterprises, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, and transportations in variety of industries and markets effectively strengthen the business operations and seize the market opportunities.

Gorilla Content Server, a leading content management solution for businesses, allows you to create your own channels and makes various contents and information to be captured, managed, repurposed, delivered, and shared with anyone from anywhere on your own channels over the internet. Gorilla Content Server uses up-to-date content technology to lead an innovative development sorting the mass information out and deliver well-organized contents in an easy and cost-effective way.

Gorilla Content Server’s World Leading Advantages

Total Solution to Enterprise Content Management and Repurposing

  • Acquisition/Management/Share/Archive/Distribution, Repurposing as content lifecycle management
  • Accumulate enterprise content to be intangible asset

Fully Leverage Existing IT Infrastructure

  • Server room, LAN, enterprise global private network

Robust and Scalability

  • The non-stop high standard professional content server has been widely deployed by the global professional multimedia enterprise groups.
  • Parallel expansion from the stationary single-point enterprise server to regional or global enterprises’ multi-point connected “Private Content Cloud” Digital Signage.

Application Domains

Content Server provides users with a “Schedule once; Play every where” operational pattern. This content distribution pattern can be used in the following application domains:

Government Messaging and Education Services

  • Government Agencies
  • Schools and Educational Institotions
  • Libraries, Museums and Zoos

General Business Entities

  • Large-scale Enterprises
  • Retail Stores, Pharmacies and Restaurants
  • Banks and Hospitals


  • Airports and High Speed Railways
  • Buses, Railways and MRTs

Content Providers

  • TV Broadcasters and Radio Broadcasters
  • Content Integration Providers
  • Media Industry
  • Advertising Industry

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