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Gorilla Builds a Criminal Investigation Platform Based on Big Data

Gorilla's big data platform assists the Taipei City Police with criminal investigations

Taipei, TW – July 18ᵗʰ, 2019 - Gorilla Technology Inc. a leading Edge AI and computer vision solutions provider, has developed a criminal investigation platform with the Taipei City Police which leverages big data cross-correlation to assist in criminal investigations. The Taipei City Police have credited winning this year’s National Police Information Service Awards, in part, to Gorilla’s involvement in creating the platform.

The Taipei City Police have adopted Gorilla's Criminal Intelligence Big Data (CIBD) platform to conduct correlation analytics to fight against many types of crime, including drug trafficking. Using drug related crimes data gathered over the past decade, the police are now able to accurately identify and investigate drug hot-spots as well as drug dealer’s personal networks. This has led to a city-wide increase in arrests, convictions, and closed cases.

With the importance of big data increasing significantly, the International Data Center (IDC) estimates that the amount of new data generated worldwide will reach 175 ZB (zettabytes) in 2025. When facing large amounts of data, providing real-time analysis results on log files, audio, videos, images and geographic information, whether semi-structured or unstructured, is a crucial issue of big data analysis. Big data solutions were first applied to banking, insurance, service, and retail sectors. Now, it is generally used in policing units around the world. The Taipei City Police, for instance, has adopted the CIBD platform built by Gorilla Technology and as a result, they won first place in this year National Police Information Service Awards. With an intelligent decision support system, the platform helps in drug enforcement, anti-fraud and organized-crime cases. Furthermore, by refining investigations and the analytic systems used in digital forensics, it focuses on the development of applications in big data which will gradually help with future investigations. Using this platform to strengthen criminal investigations, the overall effectiveness of the Taipei City Police has been improved.

Over the years, Gorilla Technology has invested in and developed AI video analytics, network analysis, network security and digital forensics. Compared with other big data platforms, Gorilla has superior abilities in analyzing unstructured video data, which can contain crucial information regarding people, vehicles and behaviors. Combining that data with communication data, network information, gathered intelligence, and other digital evidence obtained by law enforcement can help in real-time correlated data analysis in criminal and geographical information analysis. Also, the integration of a qualitative database and the functions of the platform to complete retrieval and analysis are important tools that law enforcement can rely on. Gorilla is as of yet unrivalled in their real-time big data correlation platform.

Police and law enforcement can benefit from Gorilla's technology, such as the platform created for the Taipei City Police, in order to conduct multi-faceted data collection, correlation and analysis—making criminal investigations more precise and prediction tools that reduce crime rates effectively.

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Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2001, is a global leader in video intelligence, network intelligence and IoT technology. It develops a wide range of video-centric and content management solutions including Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Enterprise Security, and Smart Media. In addition, Gorilla provides a complete Security Convergence Platform to government institutions, telecom companies and private enterprises with network surveillance and cybersecurity.

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