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GIGABYTE Partners With Gorilla Technology to Deliver an Intelligent Video Analytics Platform

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Taipei, Taiwan, 27th September 2018 - GIGABYTE has announced a partnership with software platform vendor Gorilla Technology Group to deliver an Intelligent Video Analytics Solution, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to implement facial, vehicle and behavior recognition for video streams from CCTV cameras in order to deliver business intelligence, security and safety solutions for both private enterprises and public organizations.

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Gorilla Technology is a global leader in video intelligence, network intelligence and IoT technology, and has developed a wide range of video-centric and content management applications for Smart Retail, Smart School, Smart Enterprise, Smart Surveillance and broadcast media. In addition, Gorilla can provide a complete security convergence solution to government institutes, telecommunications companies and private enterprises with network surveillance and cyber security.

GIGABYTE is an industry leader in HPC (High Performance Computing) server systems, which feature a capacity to install multiple GPGPUs (the G291-280 features a capacity of 8 x GPGPUs in a 2U form factor server) that can provide powerful parallel computing capabilities used to process huge amounts of data needed to train machine learning algorithms. GIGABYTE also has products ideal to be used as edge device servers to run inference on live video streams once the machine learning algorithms have been trained, as well as compute and storage servers used to process and store large volumes of video streams and image files.

GIGABYTE's products are there ideally suited for to be the hardware base layer of a deployment of Gorilla's Intelligent Video Analytics software platform, which uses machine learning to generate accurate facial, vehicle and behavior recognition across multiple concurrent video streams. This technology can be integrated into existing systems to vastly improve the monitoring, intelligence gathering and reaction capabilities of a CCTV system.

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GIGABYTE and Gorilla Technology have partnered to combine not only their products but also their sales, service and support networks to make it easier for an enterprise or organization to deploy an Intelligent Video Analytics solution into their CCTV infrastructure.


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