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Experience Gorilla Content Technology via "Gorilla Narokast" Mobile Apps


Download “Gorilla Narokast” for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

1. To download "Gorilla Narokast", input Gorilla Narokast using the search menu on Apple App Store or use this link to download Android application.
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2. Please sign up a new account by creating a new log-in User ID, password and all fields.                                         

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3. Please check your inbox for the Confirmation Email and click on "Activate Now" to complete the sign up process. 

4. To start-up Gorilla Narokast, please choose the "Set Up" option. Connect by entering the IP address of Gorilla Content Server Location:                                                       
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5. Once the set up is completed, you may log-in with the User ID and password you have created.                   

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Gorilla Technology is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, which supports a wide range of video-centric applications for broadcast media and entertainment, education, enterprise unified communication, business intelligence, and security. In addition to managing over 32 petabytes of content across 5 continents and in multiple languages, Gorilla solves key Video Big Data related issues derived from the volume, velocity and variety of videos generated by real-world applications in Smart Cities, logistics, and retail. Working with leading hardware and infrastructure partners such as Cisco, EMC, Dell and Acer, Gorilla offers scalable on-site products and solutions that facilitate video intelligence, video management, video delivery and network intelligence for a variety of video applications. Gorilla also works with service providers to develop value-added cloud-based video entertainment and security services for the connected home, office and government. Gorilla Technology is a privately held company established in 2000 by Dr Spincer Koh, a PhD graduate of the University of Washington, and has sales representation across the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and China.