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SoftBank’s STAION Taps Gorilla Video Analytics

September 21, 2021 – Tokyo – SoftBank Corp. announced that STAION, their multi-use AI analytics platform, will launch by the end of 2021 with integrated edge AI video analytics software. Along with this, SoftBank will start the "STAION Partner Program" to promote service development and co-creation between partner companies.

STAION is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform Microsoft Azure and has multiple use cases in business automation & efficiency, productivity & safety improvement, marketing, people flow analysis, surveillance, and crime prevention. As an independently developed platform, it can collectively manage and deliver AI video analytics from multiple camera feeds and integrate compatible hardware like IP & AI video cameras. The features and functionality of STAION were co-created with leading edge AI video analytics software creators. Industries stand to benefit by being able to monitor and better plan for product shortages, vacant seats, dangerous behavior, detection of defective products, number counting, and age & gender analysis are possible. In addition, SB Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., will install, adjust, and maintain cameras and edge devices.

STAION was initially offered to the retail industry as to a solution that uses edge AI video analytics to automatically switch content displayed on signage according to customer's age and gender. The solution also automatically detects out-of-stock items on shelves and notifies the staff, predicts the number of people that will be waiting at the retail store in the future by analyzing the number of people entering the store over time, the number of people waiting at the cash register, the time required for payment, etc.. Further plans are to provide it to medical facilities and long-term care facilities to reduce staff needed on the floor by detecting and notifying staff when patients fall down.

Under the "Beyond Carrier" strategy, SoftBank will focus on providing innovative services in a wide range of industrial fields and co-creating DX (digital transformation) initiatives with other companies, going beyond the boundaries of conventional telecommunications carriers. SoftBank will collaborate with STAION partner companies to provide one-stop services that utilize the video analytics to solve problems such as labor shortages in all industries. SoftBank aims to contribute to the creation of new value.

STAION Configuration

STAION Configuration

About "STAION Partner Program"

SoftBank is looking for three types of partner companies that provide and develop various services, cameras, and AI video analysis equipment that can be used in STAION from September 21 - AI engine partners, device partners, and consulting / SI partners. In the "STAION Partner Program," SoftBank and partner companies will jointly work on STAION service development and will also provide opportunities for co-creation and information sharing. The "STAION Partner Program" is operated within the partner program "ONE SHIP" established by SoftBank in February 2019 to promote co-creation of next-generation services.

Prior to the start of the "STAION Partner Program", SoftBank has already discussed with some companies about developing services on STAION, and plans to operate the program for the following companies first. For details on how to apply, please see here:

Current STAION Partner Program Members

Category Company name
AI Engine Partners Gorilla Technology, AWL, Japan Computer Vision, Neural Pocket
Device Partners Qualcomm, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions
Consulting / SI Partners SB Engineering, Microsoft Japan, Panasonic Net Solutions
Current STAION Partner Program Members

This press release was translated from Japanese. The original version in Japanese is here: SoftBank

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