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To protect your data, Gorilla offers robust cybersecurity solutions for OT networks through our NSGuard Cybersecurity Solutions. We provide a wide-range of data, network, and endpoint security solutions to ward off cyber attacks, provide AI-based forensic tools and comprehensive data monitoring and alerting systems—all that can be seamlessly integrated with IVAR.

Gorilla's NetTrap prevents cyber attacks from malicious IPs


Isolate and Contain Cyber Threats Before They Happen

NetTrap prevents internal users from connecting to malicious IPs with or without their knowledge. Administrators can reduce the hours spent trying to control the connections list and use automated management and deep learning to determine malicious websites.

Gorilla's EdgeGuard blocks cyber attacks and detects cyber threats to your network


A front-line Cyber Threat Detection and Defense System

EdgeGuard is a low-cost OT network Security solution that can learn threat patterns and block attacks from outside your network. Designed for rugged or industrial environments, EdgeGuard goes beyond typical IDS/IPS protection by using edge AI to determine cyber threats and offering a comprehensive endpoint security system.

Gorilla's HMD protects your endpoints from malware attacks


Endpoint Security & Malware Detection

HMD offers comprehensive endpoint protection for a wide array of networks. It goes beyond regular AVS to detect Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) infections and uses AI technology to update network threat intelligence, keeping endpoint security the highest priority.

Gorilla's NetProbe blocks cyber attacks from your network and uses AI to learn attack patterns


Prevent Network Intrusions by Learning Attack Patterns

NetProbe is an IT Security that can learn cyber attack patterns and block network attacks from outside your network. NetProbe goes beyond typical IDS/IPS protection and uses edge AI to determine attacks and keep your data safe and secure.

FR-MOTP (Facial Recognition - Mobile One-Time Password) gives identity protection via dual authentication


Dynamic Mobile Password Protection

FR-MOTP (Facial Recognition – Mobile One-Time Password) allows administrators to strengthen their authentication process in the form of facial recognition combined with a one-time password sent to your device. The extra layers of identity protection protects identity theft and brute force attacks.

Gorilla's SCP offers network security and data monitoring to prevent cyber attacks


Security Convergence Platform

SCP is a security & monitoring system designed to safeguard corporate network data, while also providing network, information, and endpoint security functions, including: IoC comparison (IPs, domain names, URLs, user agents, certificates, etc.), intrusion detection, and malware detection.

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