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Security Convergence Platform (SCP)

Peace of Mind for Your Networks

Gorilla's network security solution is a comprehensive network monitoring system that leverages Big Data analytics to offer cutting-edge protection for your internal and external networks. Our Security Convergence Platform (SCP) deploys the latest in SIEM detection technology, IP data retention, Host-based Malware Detection (HMD) and Deep Packet Inspection — keeping all your connections safe and secure.

  • Think Firewalls and AVS are enough image

    Think Firewalls and AVS are enough? Think again.

    Most companies rely on a simple firewall or Anti-Virus Software (AVS) to quell attacks, but network threats and bad actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and fine-tuned so that seemingly minor cracks in your system can cause serious vulnerabilities. Gorilla's Network Security Solution helps fill in these gaps with a multi-faceted approach that employs advanced threat detection, comprehensive analysis, and an evidence retention module.

  • Centralized Management image

    Centralized Management

    With cyber threats occurring every minute, it can be overwhelming for administrators to handle. To safeguard your network and stay ahead of the curve, Gorilla's SCP delivers real-time, event-based solutions into a highly-scalable model. SCP can be managed by one or more administrators on your LAN or WAN and provides real-time alert notifications, network topology and up-to-the-second threat intelligence.

  • Dont avoid attacks trap them image

    Don't avoid attacks — trap them.

    Our customized technology is the perfect trapping system — set up a compromised set of isolated data to fool elite hackers and catch potential threats from all over the world. The trapping system can recognize common exploit codes and parse an attack response. This allows for an immediate response, and helps businesses adjust their overall defense structure and network security flow.

  • Full picture analysis and reporting

    Full Picture Analysis & Reporting

    The IP addresses of cyber threats are managed through a robust interface with dynamic reporting — time of attack, global location, as well as which protocol the hacker/malware is targeting. SCP incorporates a syslog retention module to analyze system log records and firewall records in real-time format, allowing you to prioritize your defense strategy and contextualize the kinds of threats your organization faces.

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