AI Appliance - Mobile Vision AI

Preloaded with License Plate Recognition & Vehicle Detection Analytics

Cost Effective
Flexible & Scalable
Camera Support
Easy Deployment
Flexible hardware service & first line tech support included.

Smart Parking Core Capabilities

The license plate recognition and vehicle detection intelligent video analytics in Smart Parking Solutions from Gorilla deliver comprehensive access control, intelligent guidance to drivers, and IoT integration support.

Manage everything from the single dashboard to proactively monitor each of your sites in order to gain insight into parking facility use and take immediate action when incidents occur.

Vehicle Detection Learn More About Video Analytics

  • Enhance parking facility operations by understanding parking habits and showing drivers where to find open parking spaces.

License Plate Recognition Learn More About Video Analytics

  • Decrease operational costs by automating entry and exit procedures to grant access to and track usage habits via license plate recognition.
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Smart Parking Adds Operational Value

The hardware and software in each AI Appliance is tested for compatibility and stability to give you the optimal combination of accuracy, performance, and efficiency. To go the extra mile, flexible hardware aftercare from a local service center as well as first line tech support from Gorilla is included with each of Gorilla’s AI Appliances.

Cost Effective

Preloaded intelligent video analytics in each AI Appliance give you the optimal combination of cost performance and efficiency.

Flexible & Scalable

From small operations to complex multi-sites, Gorilla’s AI Appliances are all-in-one system solutions.

Camera Support

Connect Gorilla’s AI Appliances to virtually any CCTV or IP based camera via RTSP, including ONVIF Profile S & PTZ compatibility with H.264 transcoding.

Easy Deployment

Zero install time and quick setup with existing or new camera systems ensure easy deployment to any project.

Intelligent Parking & Access Management

Infographic of Proactive Parking Access Control

Proactive Parking Access Control

  • Monitor and log every coming and going to your sites from one control center. Improve the parking experience for visitors by automating entry and exit access.
Infographic of Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Easily deployed across multiple sites and structures, expansion is as simple as connecting another AI Appliance to the system.
Infographic of Data Security

Data Security

  • Robust network security via HTTPS support keeps the entire system safe from malware and other threats.

Smart Parking Architecture Fits Any System

The Smart Parking AI Appliance works seamlessly in creating a system that can scale to your needs. From small single sites to multi-facility structures, deploying unified vehicle access control and management is now attainable.

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