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What is OT Security?

OT Security is different from standard IT Security. (OT stands for Operational Technology while IT is Information Technology.) OT is a type of hardware and software used to monitor and control physical devices, processes, and infrastructure. OT Security is a common form of cybersecurity used to protect Industrial Systems and networks from various attacks. OT is used across multiple industries including manufacturing, power plants, transportation, utilities, and smart city appliances. In recent years we’ve seen OT advance and converge with networked tech, meaning the need for OT security has also grown exponentially.

What is OT Security?
Why is OT Security Important?

Why is OT Security Important?

As industrial systems become more connected, they also become more exposed to vulnerabilities. Recent reports from Gartner points to OT system integration with IT networks reaching 75% saturation by 2025. The high cost of industrial equipment and the devastation to businesses and communities that an attack could generate are key factors for organizations looking to protect their industrial networks. An effective OT strategy in place will protect your processes, people and profit and significantly reduce security vulnerabilities and incidents.

What is IT Security vs OT Security?

The main difference between IT and OT devices is that IT systems manage data, while OT devices control the physical processes and machinery. However information and operation technologies are becoming more and more connected. IT incidents are more frequent, while OT incidents can be more destructive.

OT Security vs. IT Security?
What is IT-OT Convergence?

What is IT-OT Convergence?

IT-OT Convergence is the melding of different IT-OT technologies into an interconnected system, spurred on by digital transformation.

Today, we see more industrial systems brought online to deliver big data and smart analytics as well as adopt new capabilities and efficiencies. IT-OT convergence gives organizations a single view of industrial systems together with process management solutions that ensure accurate information is delivered to people, machines, switches, sensors and devices. 

Yet connecting an OT network to an IT one instantly exposes the OT network and all connected OT devices to the entire threat landscape. In addition, the rise of remote access to OT networks by third-party vendors further expands the attack surface and creates new vulnerabilities. Luckily, with a rise in recent infrastructure cyberattacks, there are some international OT-IT cybersecurity standards and best practices gaining traction.

Our Network Security Technology Is Different

Gorilla brings about security convergence as a governing principle to our cybersecurity products. We see how digital transformation is building robust, powerful networked businesses, but we also see the potential for cyber threats and endpoint protection. Powered with Intel’s OpenVINO Toolkit, our products provide protection along with robust computing.

Endpoint protection applied to all IoT devices

Various OS support

Operates in both internal and external networks

Able to trace back to the attack source

AI-based solution optimized with Intel® OpenVINO

Comprehensive online training courses for partners

Proactively Secure Your Networks with Gorilla Cybersecurity Products

Gorilla offers robust cybersecurity solutions leveraging AI & machine learning for OT networks through Gorilla’s NSGuard Cybersecurity Series. To protect customer’s data and devices, we offer a wide-range of data, network, and endpoint security solutions to ward off attacks, along with AI-based forensic tools and comprehensive data monitoring and alert systems.

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