Gorilla Targets Smart Retail AI at ISE 2019

Gorilla Targets Smart Retail AI at ISE 2019

From February 5th to 8th Gorilla Technology, the first Edge AI-based computer vision partner of Intel, will demonstrate edge AI solutions geared to expand and improve loss prevention and marketing insights in multiple locations at ISE this year. Gorilla's Smart Retail solutions and IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) capabilities integrated with Intel's OpenVINO™ toolkit will be demonstrated on multiple Smart Display Monitors (SDM's) at the LITEMAX and AUO areas.

Gorilla Smart Retail is a highly developed edge AI solution which features computer vision and real-time video analytics to provide accurate and highly targeted advertising, marketing insights, and security-based results. This empowers retailers and marketers to improve results, ROI, as well as to better guard their assets. LITEMAX and AUO have both established themselves as early adopters and innovators in using AI in digital signage over the past two years so a collaboration with pioneering computer vision companies, such as Gorilla Technology, is a natural step forward. Gorilla's integration with Intel's OpenVINO toolkit optimizes their IVA deep learning framework which effectively allows the software to analyze a higher video frame rate.

The LITEMAX SDM, which operates on an Intel i5-6300U processor, will be running Gorilla's video analytics on one channel to deliver targeted video advertisements by detecting the gender and age of who is standing in front of the device. While it does this, Gorilla's solution will record interactions throughout the day in order to deliver insightful statistics which marketers can consider when reviewing the data after the fact. You can visit LITEMAX here for a live demonstration: https://www.iseurope.org/exhibitors/?permalink=litemax

Gorilla will demonstrate further applications in the Smart Retail field for during and after shop hours on an AUO SDM with Intel's i5-7200U chip. While the shop is open, IVAR™ (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder) people counting analytics will be shown to give marketers insights into customer traffic and demographics while facial recognition will demonstrate how a VIP list can alert employees to the arrival of a special guest. When the shop is closed, intrusion detection analytics in IVAR can be scheduled and set to create events and alerts in order to curb loss, prevent suspicious activities, and add value to existing security systems. You can contact AUO here for a live demonstration: https://www.auo.com/en-global/Contact_AUO/index

ISE 2019 promises to be a fantastic event where Gorilla will continue to emphasize that they are targeting Smart Retail as a growth market.

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