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Enterprise Security

Comprehensive Tools for Workforce and Talent Management

Gorilla Smart Enterprise is a flexible, cloud-based solution that facilitates people management, including payroll, scheduling, training tools and performance tracking, that can easily be integrated with existing HR systems or company portals. It merges traditional processes with technology, enabling an organization to effectively access, control and manage employee records in one place, empowering administrators to improve communications and overall productivity across the organization.

  • Access Control

    Attendance System

    Easily track employee clock-in/out hours and absences in a secure environment using biometrics. Eliminate buddy-clocking using two-factor authentication to accurately identify individuals using facial recognition and PIN/badge ID. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including clock-in machines, tablets or PCs with webcams. Place clock-in/out devices anywhere within a facility and attendence records will be synchronized over the network.

  • Attendance Management

    Meeting Management

    Streamline the process of organizing live video conferences and deliver a single access point for mobiles and PCs. Manage and share presentation materials, record and archive meeting sessions, track attendance and monitor participant interactions. Our web-based solution allows moderators to invite attendees via Outlook and enables attendees to check-in using facial recognition technology.

  • Learning Management System

    Learning Center

    Enrich organizational training and professional development by making content readily available and accessible via desktop and smart devices. Instructors can upload, share content and deliver live feeds and video on demand (VOD). Access to course materials can be controlled using optional encryption. Collect assessment scores, course evaluations, and statistics on participant attendance and engagement.

  • People Management System

    Performance Management

    Use a combination of attendance records, engagement statistics and achievements to monitor and evaluate performance, ensuring that employee growth aligns with organizational goals. Analytics and real-time insights on a single dashboard hosted in the cloud help organizations effectively manage multiple territories and office locations to improve operational efficiency.