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Enterprise Security

Dynamic Facial Recognition Gives Business Analytics to Admin and Staff Management

Gorilla Smart Enterprise is a versatile facial recognition solution that facilitates people management. Access control, attendance, scheduling, and performance tracking can easily be integrated with existing departments or company-wide systems. It merges traditional processes with technology, enabling an organization to effectively access, control and manage employee records in one place, empowering administrators to improve communications and overall productivity across the organization.

  • Access Control

    Attendance System

    Easily track employee clock-in/out hours and absences in a secure environment using biometrics. Eliminate buddy-clocking using two-factor authentication to accurately identify individuals using facial recognition and PIN/badge ID. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including clock-in machines, tablets or PCs with webcams. Place clock-in/out devices anywhere within a facility and attendance records will be synchronized over the network.

  • People Management System

    Visitor Management

    Demonstrate how much you value visitors by getting watch list alerts when they approach so you can meet them at the gate or in the lobby. Pre-registering guests and allowing self-check-in with facial recognition has never been easier. Ensure your guests don’t get lost or go off route by granting them access to specific areas during pre-scheduled times. Take better control of your assets and reduce loss by detecting and alerting staff to property intrusions.

  • Attendance Management

    Access Control

    Grant area and scheduled access levels to employees and visitors via lists or create black lists to alert to specific threats. Send action alerts with perpetrator images to administration when unauthorized access attempts occur. Secure door access to shops, offices, and single or multiple facilities by easily implementing this comprehensive business security system.

Enterprise Security Success Story

Implementation has never been easier, see how some clients have created valuable systems with Enterprise Security.

Innolux Corporate

Visitor Management and Access Control

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