Gorilla Enterprise Appliances on Cisco UCS

Leveraging the power and functionality of Gorilla's successful range of solution technologies for video and network content management, Gorilla offers a 4-in-1 suite of Enterprise Appliances on the Cisco UCS converged platform, designed to analyze, manage and share enterprise content.

All-in-one Gorilla Solution

Must-Have Solutions for Businesses Going Global, Going Mobile 

Today’s enterprises are increasingly driven by the need to reach and service new markets beyond their traditional territories and to deal with a workforce that is dispersed and mobile.

The expectation from management is that today’s IT infrastructure has the flexibility to match this need, rapidly respond to new global opportunities, as well as play a key role in measuring ROI for operational expansion.

Gorilla’s 4-in-1 suite of Enterprise Appliances on Cisco UCS is designed to meet this requirement head on, providing a platform solution for understanding network activity, deriving business intelligence from captured data, managing enterprise multimedia, and delivering product and corporate information.

By leveraging the high-performance and high-bandwidth capabilities of CISCO UCS as a converged platform, Gorilla Enterprise Appliances also deal with another key concern of IT departments: how to manage the huge growth in all forms of business-related communication, while simplifying the complexity of the infrastructure required to support it.

Gorilla Appliances Fit Business at Any Stage

Converged Platform

Gorilla’s Enterprise Appliance series leverages the core strength of Cisco’s converged UCS design, to simplify the installation and maintenance requirements of enterprise infrastructure.

Fast Deployment

Gorilla’s all-in-one appliance design provides a plug-and-play solution for rapid deployment, allowing organizations to respond to their business needs without delay.

Easy Scalability

Each of Gorilla’s Enterprise Appliances incorporates the core modular design and open architecture of Gorilla’s large-scale enterprise solutions. As customers’ needs grow, Gorilla Enterprise Appliances can also scale to larger on-premises or multi-site cloud solutions.

Flexible Expansion

By focusing on the four core requirements for all businesses going global and mobile – business intelligence, network risk management, content management and content communication – Gorilla Enterprise Appliances provide a flexible means of adding functionality as new needs arise.

Centralized Management

Companies going global still require a degree of centralized management for how they deliver and receive information to and from the local level. Gorilla Enterprise Appliances support the creation of a network of appliance agents integrated globally yet operated from a single location.


Gorilla NetStream on Cisco UCS is a business intelligence tool for analyzing network content. NetStream reconstructs and analyzes suspicious network activity in real-time to prevent the leakage of confidential information.


Video Analyzer

Gorilla Video Analyzer on Cisco UCS enables enterprises to derive actionable insight from video data, by transforming video into readable intelligence. Featuring Gorilla’s content intelligence technology, Gorilla Video Analyzer associates a complete course of events, providing valuable information for executives to help them make better decisions about their organization.


Enterprise TV Mini

Gorilla Enterprise TV Mini on Cisco UCS is an enterprise video server that provides all-in-one three-screen content management for handheld devices, PCs, and TV/digital signage. Allowing the creation of content channels for VOD and scheduled programming, Gorilla Enterprise TV Mini acts as a mini TV station operated within an enterprise environment, ensuring important corporate communication is delivered to the right audience at the right time and via the right devices.


Share Box

Gorilla Share Box on Cisco UCS is a professional multimedia content management system designed to facilitate the pooling and sharing of content resources for production purposes. Using keyword search, users can quickly locate their desired content, saving the cost of duplicating resources in multiple locations. With the ability to manage videos, audio, photos, and documents, all project-related content can be accessed from one central location. Metadata tagging dramatically improves the ability to search and locate content, providing added convenience and efficiency for inter-departmental cooperation.